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A reskin of the UI theme to an ancient Dwemer device display. Requires Dear Diary v3 or above.

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This is a skin for Dear Diary v3+, which is a hard requirement.

This replaces the Skyrim UI with a Dwemer Readius - a recovered ancient Dwemer device which channels arcane telepathic energies through an aetherium crystal and presents them to the wielder of the device.... convenient for us as players!

Civil war, war never changes... 

As already mentioned, Dear Diary V3 should already be installed, which in turn means SkyUI should already be installed, as this is a reskin.
This mod has a FOMOD installer with a couple of options, but it assumes you installed all the modules of Dear Diary and overwrites them. Exception being the Main Menu which you don't have to install.

V2 introduces an optional HUD replacer to match the theme, available for either SkyHUD or Less Intrusive HUD II. It doesn't provide a preset for either of these, so you can continue to use any personal preset or preferred one you've got elsewhere, only the textures are changed.

Note on fonts
No font replacer is included here. In the screenshots I've used the God of War ´╗┐font, but I've played with Sovngarde´╗┐ and it looks good. With the nature of the Dwemer display, I'd expect it to look good with the vanilla font too. Bottom line is I think it will probably work with most font replacers you'd be inclined to try.

High Contrast Optional File
A file is available in the optional downloads that removes the transparency and darkens the backgrounds. This might be easier to read with certain visual impairments, or you may simply prefer the style. Install the main file first with this one.

uranreactor, author of Dear Diary for his fantastic work on the mod itself and making the latest version easily (relatively speaking) reskinnable.
Textures for the Dwemer Readius device are from CleverCharff's AIO