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High-definition (4K-2K) lightning effect and gradient textures calibrated for lore-friendliness and use with ENB.

Permissions and credits
HD Lightning Textures for ENB

I have always been fond of SRW0's Voltage, an incredible retexture of the vanilla spell visual effects for shock spells and enchantments, as well as weather lightning effects. However, the mod uses its own blue color that, while visually appealing, leads to a few subjective issues:

  • The blue coloring does not cover certain effects, leading to an odd mix of blue and purple VFX graphics that can look out of place in some situations.
  • When using certain ENB mods, like ENB Light, the color change is not registered and lighting for these spells will still be purple rather than blue.
  • The look is inconsistent with the purple lightning graphics in the spell list UI and other canon depictions of shock spells.

Because of this, I have manually edited and color-balanced each separate effect and gradient texture from Voltage to match the purplish-white aesthetic of vanilla lightning. Now you, too, can enjoy high-definition (4K particles, 2K effects) lightning textures calibrated for ENB with a vanilla+ aesthetic.

Install with the mod manager of your choice (my choice, for instance, is Mod Organizer 2, but Vortex is a great option as well.) You can also install it manually by extracting the file into your data folder, but that would be a very odd way of going about it, don't you think?

Thunderbolt should be compatible with anything that does not overwrite the lighting effect and gradient textures. If two textures conflict, the one lower down in your mod order will "win" and those textures will be displayed in-game. Because Thunderbolt is textures only, it's safe to install and uninstall on an existing save.

Impact Graphics
Unlike the original Voltage, I have not included impact graphics in this file. I suggest either using Deadly Spell Impacts (the purplish option for shock impacts works great with Thunderbolt) or installing this mod over the original Voltage files to use its impact graphics.

In accordance with Voltage permissions, I will not be making these recolors available on consoles until and unless those permissions are changed.

The permissions section for Voltage SSE, as of 2/21/21, has open-with-credit asset use permissions with no further stipulations on the page.
Should someone want to use these files for some purpose or another, they're free to do so, but please credit SRW0 (and, optionally, me) and make sure you are following all permissions guidelines on the Voltage SSE mod page.

SRW0 for the excellent lightning textures this mod is based upon.
Please show some love for Voltage by giving it an endorsement!

Thank you and enjoy the mod!