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SSE port of PrivateEye's Adamantium Helm of Tohan mod, which adds an obscure artifact from a Morrowind DLC into the world of Skyrim via a small quest. ESL-flagged!

Permissions and credits
This is an esl-flagged plugin that ports the mod Adamantium Helm of Tohan - A Morrowind Artifact, originally created by PrivateEye for LE, to Special Edition. The only changes I have made to the mod were to run the meshes through nifskope, compact the file form IDs, and resave the esp in the Creation Kit to update it for use in SE.

As per the original description:

The Helm of Tohan is an artifact that appeared in a DLC for Morrowind. The Helm has not made an appearance in any other TES games, so I decided to bring this obscure artifact to Skyrim!

The design is based on the Morrowind original. I remade the mesh and texture from scratch, using the helm as blueprint (texture size: 2048 x 2048). Besides from  the obviously graphic improvement, the model came out very similar.

The Helm is usable by all races! Modded hair might clip, but vanilla and Apachii hair was tested and confirmed to work without problem.

In the Morrowind DLC the Helm got little to no background. We don’t even get to know who Tohan was. So I tried to establishing a bit of lore around the helm and the hero. IMO this makes the mod a lot more interesting. Nothing of the background I created is backed up by or conflicting with TES lore. I’ve tried to keep this mod lore-friendly while still being able to create my own story within. The mod is cleaned with Tes5Edit.

In Morrowind the helm did not have an enchantment. That’s why there are 2 version available for download: An un-enchanted Morrowind version and an enchanted version that fits better to the lore I created (a spellsword helmet). The enchanted version gives you the following:

  • A boost of 75 pts to your magicka and 50 pts to your health
  • 60% higher magicka regen speed

In defence the Helm is between Ebony and Daedric, but with the weight of Steel. All in all I tried to keep stats and enchantment balanced but useful without making it a super god item. The helm can be tempered using a Quicksilver and Steel Ingot.

See the original mod page for more screenshots and details on finding the helmet.

*NOTE that I have very little experience porting anything other than straight armor meshes, so if you run into any problems please let me know and I will attempt to correct them as quickly as possible! I haven't actually gone and found the helmet myself yet in fact, because I only just converted the mod...and want to enjoy taking my time with the search! But I'm assuming it worked because it seems a relatively straightforward mod and everything looks okay in SSEEdit. Again, any problems, just let me know!

Private Eye for creating the original mod and generously making it available to others.