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A small undocumented quest mod. Start a treasure hunt for the legendary Helm of Tohan, an obscure artifact from a Morrowind DLC.

Permissions and credits

Not much is known of the hero named Tohan. His Adamantium Helm has been a prized possession for many adventurers throughout the ages, but the person who gave the helm it’s name is a shadowy figure at best. What much we know of him is written in the epic Poem of Tohan.

- Unknown Scholar


The Helm of Tohan is an artifact that appeared in a DLC for Morrowind. The Helm has not made an appearance in any other TES games, so I decided to bring this obscure artifact to Skyrim!

The design is based on the Morrowind original. I remade the mesh and texture from scratch, using the helm as blueprint (texture size: 2048 x 2048). Besides from the obviously graphic improvement, the model came out very similar.

The Helm is usable by all races! Modded hair might clip, but vanilla and Apachii hair was tested and confirmed to work without problem.

In the Morrowind DLC the Helm got little to no background. We don’t even get to know who Tohan was. So I tried to establishing a bit of lore around the helm and the hero. IMO this makes the mod a lot more interesting.
Nothing of the background I created is backed up by or conflicting with TES lore. I’ve tried to keep this mod lore-friendly while still being able to create my own story within. The mod is cleaned with Tes5Edit.

In Morrowind the helm did not have an enchantment. That’s why there are 2 version available for download:
An un-enchanted Morrowind version and an enchanted version that fits better to the lore I created (a spellsword helmet). The enchantmented version gives you the following:

- A boost of 75 pts to your magicka and 50 pts to your health

- 60% higher magicka regen speed

In defence the Helm is between Ebony and Daedric, but with the weight of Steel. All in all I tried to keep stats and enchantment balanced but useful without making it a super god item.

The helm can be tempered using a Quicksilver and Steel Ingot.

How to get it?

As with most of my mods you can get the artifact by going on a small undocumented treasure hunt. In Morrowind, legendary items were usually scattered throughout the world. They could be obtained by the player at any time (if you knew where to look), though they were usually heavily guarded. I want to return a bit of that feeling to Skyrim.

The Helm of Tohan has been laid to rest somewhere in Skyrim. Ambitious college student Godwyn has started a research into the mysterious man named Tohan. This has put him on the trail of Tohan’s Adamantium Helmet. Besides starting on a research book he’s keeping all his findings in a journal. That is, until he disappeared from the college...

Look for Godwyns journal and research papers in the Hall of Attainment in the College of Winterhold. He’s been analysing the Poem of Tohan for clues to the Helms location, and he’s on to something! Start by reading all his papers carefully. If you’re clever enough you might know where to go next!

Or if you’re not so clever, have a look at the hints below! (but don’t spoil it for yourself..)

Usage permission

Usually I don’t have a problem with people using my meshes/textures, etc. as resource for their own mods. I do have 2 conditions:

- You notify me by mail that you want to use the mod. You don’t really need to ask for my permission, I just want to know when and where my work gets use.

- You credit me as author of my assets in your mod.


I recommend using NMM to install the mod for you. It’s the easiest way.

To manually install, just drop the data folder from the archive into your main Skyrim directory. For most (Steam) players this will be at:

(Drive letter:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim)


This mod might conflict with mods changing the Hall of Attainment in the College of WInterhold. Try to load this mod after any mod that makes such changes. My mod doesn’t change anything to the college, it just adds things.

Versions and changes

V 1.0
Initial release

V 1.1
Enviroment Map added


So you’re stuck and think my clues are too vague? Maybe one or two hints will help you!
Note that this section can spoil the entire hunt for you! Just check the first hint to start with, then another only if you’re still stuck! Keep it fun for yourself:)

Can’t make sense of the location description in the Poem of Tohan and Godwyn’s journal?
- Remember how Godwyn was suspicious of another college student? And how the last page of the journal was torn out? There might be a connection there..

- The torn page is under a bed..

I know the name of the cave but I don’t know where it is!

Where to look in the cave?
- The Poem speak of a guardian with the key in his mind..

- Look for a cracked Skull

- The Helm itself rests in a watery grave..

- Yes, you can survive the fall down!


Kudos to everybody who found the helm without checking the hints!


- Will you make the rest of the Adamantium armor from Morrowind?
Making armors is tricky and it takes long. Right now I don't fele like taking on a project that size so for the moment the answer is no.

- What mods/lips/eyes/armour/enb did you use for the screenshots with the female character!?
Nexus user AurianaValoria1 did the screenshots. These are the mods she used:

1) Better Females by Bella Less Makeup Version with zzjay's texture tweaks/normals
2) SKSE detailed lips for Better Females
3) Covereyes and HN66's Long Eye Lashes
4) Zerofrost's Medusa Armor
6) Vanilla hair using Superior Lore Friendly Hair HD textures
7) Seasons of Skyrim ENB


Thanks to Saiodin for his review!

Please also have a look at some of my other mods:

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Also you can follow me on Twitter! I regularly tweet about my modding plans and ideas so it might be the best place to follow me if you want to stay up-to-date.