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Makes the castle of Fallowstone Hall much more abandoned by removing NPCs and light sources and adding clutter.

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I love The Great Town of Shor's Stone by SoldierofWar and the main reason I downloaded it was because it adds a castle on the hill above the town which looks great, but I was disappointed to find it wasn't really abandoned.

I like to make camping a large part of my playthroughs and I thought an abandoned castle on a hill was a great spot for it so I put this together with that in mind. I cleared some space outside of the castle itself as well as replaced one of the towers with an empty one that can have a bedroll and campfire set up inside.

For the interior I removed the light sources and replaced them with activatable torch sconces, the NPCs are gone and there is now added clutter as well as a darkened, dusty atmosphere to better show a state of disrepair. Darkness may vary depending on your ENB settings if you use one.

The town of Shor's Stone is untouched, as is the vault inside Fallowstone Hall. I felt the vault was a bit silly so the entrance to that room has been remade into an armoury/smithing area which I feel made a bit more sense. Vault is still accessible if you tcl under the floor.

Tl;dr, what's changed?
  • No more NPCs
  • Much darker interior, pre-lit light sources are gone but torch sconces added, bring torches if you need light!
  • Clutter changed to look like the Hall has been abandoned for a long time
  • Sandbox markers removed - followers shouldn't start sweeping the floors or praying
  • Vault entrance room remade into an armoury/smithing area
  • Removed a couple of meshes that I thought were out of place for a Companions castle like the torture rack and coffins
  • Beds can be slept in and items are no longer owned so can be taken
  • Added a rock static mesh next to the destroyed building where it was possible to get stuck if you were unlucky
  • Flattened some terrain inside one corner of the destroyed building for bedrolls or small tents
  • Replaced the tower with one that can be entered including an upper level


Future Plans:
  • Replace torch sconces with activatable light sources (the horn ones)
  • Enable the area for radiant bounty hunter quests

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