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Portable Crafting Stations! Not just vanilla, but several new stations, including unique quest rewards invaluable to an adventurer in the wilds of Skyrim. Build many crafting stations at a forge, or seek vendors who may have some for sale.

Permissions and credits
Portable Crafting Stations that can be placed and picked up again anywhere in the game world! Not just vanilla, but several new stations, including unique quest rewards invaluable to an adventurer in the wilds of Skyrim. Build many crafting stations at a forge, or seek vendors who may have some for sale.

I've done my best to keep things fairly balanced so to avoid making the game easy, yet at the same time, add new game play features for the traveling adventurer.

A good complimenting mod to use with this is my Solar's Portable Containers mod. Build, place and use a variety of containers anywhere!. Useful for storage of crafting materials and other items, including an auto-sort option for quick storage!

How it Works
Most stations are craft-able at a forge, with the exception of Artifacts, which must be found via short quests. See list of Crafting stations for information on how to acquire them.

Once you have the Crafting Kit, drop it anywhere in the area you want. The Crafting Kit uses the same model as the actual crafting station, so you can see how it looks and how large it is, as well as place it how you want. Activating the Crafting Kit will open a menu that gives you three options. Place the actual station in the exact spot at the exact angle as where the Kit was placed. Pick it back up. And finally, exit, if you want to move it around a bit more.

Once placed and locked in place, activating the Crafting Station will open the crafting menu normally like any other station in the game world.

To access the custom menu system, simply sneak/crouch when activating the Crafting station and you will receive the following options:
- Pick Up: Places the Station's kit back in your inventory and removes the Station from the game world.
- Movement: Allows you to adjust and fine tune the station's placement, just in case you need to move it
- Angle: Allows you to adjust the station's angle from any axis.

- Skyrim Special Edition v1.5 or later
- SKSE64 SE Build v2.0.15 or later for Font of Disenchantment. Mod will still run fine without SKSE64, with the exception that the Font's script will be disabled.
NOTE: Disenchantment Font is fully disabled right now. Ironing out a bug or three

Vanilla Crafting Stations
Alchemy Bench
Alchemy Station
Enchanting Bench
Enchanting Station
Grinding Wheel
Tanning Rack
Woodcutting Block

DLC Version Additional Stations
Oven - Hearthfire DLC
Imbuing Station - Build at a Forge AFTER locating one in game. Dragonborn DLC
Staff Enchanter - Build at a Forge AFTER unlocking access in Dragonborn DLC.

The New Crafting Stations
Notes on Quests
All quests are setup to be pretty simple to start and achieve, usually
relying on common sense to piece together where to go to start, then
essentially being told where to go from there through the quest log
and/or a related document.

Basically, an enchanting artifact, you think "Where would I go for information about an Enchanting device?" Or in the cases where a quest starts when certain criteria are met, you think "Where would I go or who would I join to trigger this quest?" As always, I'm willing to help out if anyone gets stuck or has suggestions on improving how I setup the quests. I know just because it's common sense to me, it may not be to someone else.

==Font of Disenchantment==
Artifact - Obtained via Quest
NOTE: Requires SKSE64. Only this station requires SKSE64 to function or be accessible. If you don't have SKSE64, all other crafting systems will function. However, I do recommend getting it, as it's a highly valuable asset.

An extremely rare device that allows an individual to wipe the slate clean on items. Enchantments and Modifications can be removed from most items, with the exception being unique items, Artifacts or Daedric Items. Rumor has it, that such a device has been located in Cyrodiil recently, within some Ayleid ruins. (Quest comes to you, once certain criteria are met).

The Font is not a standard crafting station. It works like a container, where you place items you wish to disenchant into the Font. The script then processes the item and returns the finished product into your inventory automatically.

Notable Points:
- Daedric Artifacts or any item that uses a unique or custom model is NOT disenchant-able and will not be.- Stolen weapons and armor gets their stolen flags reset. It's not intentional, just an end result of how the script currently works. If I find a better way to handle this device, I WILL remove this unintentional side effect. This does not affect other items. A stolen book or soul gem, for example, will still be stolen if you try throwing them in the font.
- Due to just how many weapons/armor pieces this script has compare to (to find the correct base item), enchanted items found in game can take up to 5 seconds to process and return to your inventory. Self enchanted/modified items will be processed instantly, though.

==Enchantment Font==
Artifact - Obtained via Quest
Although nothing special as far as enchanting goes, this alternate Enchanting Station is perfect for dark or evil lairs, or just for that collector of rare antiques. The Font is one of, if not -the- last of it's kind, from an era long past. The only question is, where could such an artifact be hidden? Perhaps there's some literature on the subject in a place where one could study or read about enchanting?

==Grinding Bowl==
Build at a Forge
Allows you to grind down skulls into bonemeal, as well wheat into flour. Uses the flag isGrainmill, which means, anything that can be ground down at Grain Mills at farms, can be ground down with the Grinding Bowl

==Mixing Station==
Build at a Forge
A skilled Alchemist knows how to get the most potency out of a mixture. Even if it requires them to take several weaker mixtures and process them together to strengthen them.

Basically, 3 of a potion yields 1 of the next step up. So three Potions of Minor Healing will yield one Potion of Healing, and so on until you reach the strongest version of that specific potion type. This only works for default normal potions, not for anything you mix at an Alchemy Station. Sorry, but If there's a way to let you mix/improve crafted potions, I've yet to find it.

==Orb of Dispulsion==
Artifact - Obtained via Quest
Tired of finding Soul Gems with weak souls? Accidentally filled your Grand Soul Gem with a Petty Soul? With this ancient device, you can wipe a Soul Gem clean, without destroying the gem or compromising it's quality. So that Grand Soul Gem can be erased and used again toward a proper Grand Soul!

The Orb is part of a lost technology and cannot be crafted or bought. Most enchanters and researchers only think these a rumor or myth. Perhaps if you had access to a proper library, you could find some information concerning the Orb.

==Transmutation Cube==
Artifact - Obtained via Quest
This powerful, mysterious device is one of a kind. Created by an unknown individual. It allows the combination of three similar items to produce an item of greater quality. An example would be taking three Sapphires to create a Flawless Sapphire, or three Lesser Soul Gems to create a Normal Soul Gem.

The only problem is, with no knowledge on how this device works, crafting or purchase is impossible. What little information that's out there, seems to indicate the cube has a Dwemer style design to it. Perhaps an expert on the Dwemer may have some information if one can be found?

==Scribe's Study==
Build at a Forge
The Scribe's Study is a useful tool for writing your own Spell Tomes and Spell Scrolls from any spell you've learned. Some spare scrolls always comes in handy, and if you need some gold and have some spare materials, some fresh Spell Tomes can pull in some profits! Scroll and Tome crafting requires filled Soul Gems to craft. The quality of gem is based off the Skill Level of the spell. A Novice spell only requires a Petty Gem, while a Master Spell required Grand Gems.

This also allows you to write you own books of recipes and throw out those countless scraps of paper. For example. Once you've collected all Spider Forge recipes, you can use them to write a book of recipes for the forge, thus eliminating the need to hang onto all those scraps of paper. Because the list of required materials can be hard to read, unlike other crafting stations, I've listed the exact list of recipes in the included Read Me.

Future Versions
- Bug fixes (if any arise)
- Balance tweaks (If any are needed)
- Possibly more crafting station options

- Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls series. Keep up the great work!
- My friends and family for believing in me and encouraging me to mod
- The community. For not just using my work, but sharing their own work for me and countless others to enjoy!

Use of Assets in Free Mods:
Please ask me first. I'm usually more than happy to allow it, but I at least request the courtesy of being asked first.

Use of Assets in Paid Mods:
Any assets from this mod made by me are NOT to be used in pay mods. Ever. What I make, I make to share with the community. If anyone sees anything of mine used in a paid mod, please inform me. Thank you