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Soulmancer and angryglock and 747823

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fixed, balanced, optimized and compressed ESL flagged version of Weapons of the Third Era SSE

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Based off this version here Weapons of the Third Era SSE thanks to permission of angryglock. 

It just contains optimized meshes and textures and fixes a duplicate form ID record.

New: The Forth Edition version removes the quest script level list injections and instead manually edits the level lists... re-balanced almost all of the weapons.  Essentially slower weapons in the same class will get a +1 to critical damage and weight slightly more.  Where as faster weapons get a -1 to critical damage and weight slightly less.  Weapons are now in their appropriate tier in terms of stats and level list.

Also compressed and ESL flagged for your pleasure; so do not replace the original mod with this version on an existing saved game; NEW game only.   If you're updating to the "Forth" version from previous builds a new game is required due to the removal of the quest and script.

Full credit to angryglock and 747823