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Gives NPCs equippable underwear so they are no longer naked when you loot or pickpocket them if you are using a nude body mod

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

  • Gives NPCs underwear
  • NPCs no longer naked when looted or pickpocketed
  • Can further remove the underwear if you want
  • Uses SPID
  • Contains CBBE and UUNP (compatible with BHUNP) bodyslides
  • No clipping since the underwear is not equipped to the body slot until necessary
  • ESL-flagged
  • 4 randomly distributed variants: red, yellow, green, and blue

  • Mostly compatible with various Skyrim Souls variants. Just don't loot or pickpocket anything while another NPC is changing clothes
  • Compatible with various Quick Loot variants
  • Compatible with SOS lite
  • SOS full has underwear already, which causes issues with this mod. Don't use both at the same time.

  • Install this mod with mod manager. Load order doesn't matter
  • Install SPID 4.2 or higher with mod manager.
  • Don't do anything else:
    • Don't run any SPID SSEEdit scripts
    • Don't edit any files included in this mod

  • Uninstall whenever using mod manager. NPCs wearing underwear will become naked. (optionally clean save with Fallrim Tools)

If upgrade from versions lower than 0.9:
  1. - Either - uninstall the mod, make a new save, and reinstall the mod. (optionally clean save with Fallrim Tools)
  2. - Or - clean zzzUnderwearMGEFScript with Fallrim Tools
  3. - Or - load a save before the mod was installed
  4. - Or - continue playing until all NPCs have had their abilities and inventories reset through through loading and unloading


Q: Why?
A: Why not?

Q: What's the difference between this mod and some other mod?
A: I don't know

Q: I want different underwear
A: Just replace the nifs with your own

A: SOS author strictly prohibits the hosting of SOS assets on Nexusmods, so I can't use any of their assets. SOS lite is fully compatible with this mod. SOS full has its own underwear and is not compatible.

Q: I pickpocked an NPC's clothes, and when they moved through a door, they took their underwear off
A: This is a known issue that I don't currently want to fix :(

  • CBBE
    • Caliente
    • ousnius
    • Alecu for the underwear assets and design
    • killerkeo for the panty mesh used for the Falmer armor
    • Lunyra for some of the blend options in the PSD resources
    • XunAmarox for the innies layer in the PSD resources
    • Face Pack:
    • tktk1 for Pretty Face (edited v1)
    • HHaleyy for tintmasks and (edited) specular of Fair Skin Complexion, as well as the _sk subsurface files
    • AluminumFoil for Eyebrows Match Hair (edited)
  • Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    • Caliente
    • Ousnius
    • Groovtama for XPMSSE as the reference skeleton of OS
    • Chinese translation by xuniana (蓿念) and silentdark (S猫)
    • CBBE Uniboob reference by Acro748
  • UUNP
    • ousnius
    • btn2k3 for kicking off the Unified UNP project
    • Halofarm for the Unified UNP feet and hands
    • Each of the creative minds that made one of the shapes UUNP consists of
  • SPID
    • powerofthree
  • Being a real cool guy
    • TDoggHD