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Pretty simple and compatible resistance and weakness system (D&D 5e style).
Separates physical damage into Slash, Piercing and Bludgeoning. Magic damage remains as Cold, Fire and Shock.

Permissions and credits

I loved the ideas behind the mods like Bring Your Silver and Know Your Enemy. My only problem with them was they required running a zEdit patch each time I added/removed a mod (plus more patches to be compatible with other mods).

They were also needlessly complex in my opinion (a 30% resistance and a 60% resistance doesn't make any difference in the grand scheme of the game)

So I made my own mod, using Spell Perk Item Distributor I could give Resistances and Weaknesses to any creature and NPC I'd like, without tangling with plugins in any way

To prevent the "complex" part, I just picked the D&D 5e Resistances and Vulnerabilities system. Which is in my opinion the best way to introduce this system in a simple "close to vanilla" way


Basicaly, each enemy (except some extreme cases like Ghosts, Hagravens and other major enemies) will now take 50% less damage from certain type of weapons and take 50% more damage from other type of weapons, same applies for magic

Physical Damage Classification

Slash Damage includes Swords, Axes, Greatswords, Battleaxes and claws from Argonians and Khajiits

Piercing Damage is what Daggers, Arrows, Crossbow Bolts and Spears deal

Bludgeoning Damage is dealt by Maces, Warhammers and fists of Man and Mer races


A full list of resistances and weaknesses of every creature can be found in this spreadsheet kindly provided by ShalabiRogue, so go give kudos!

How to add modded creatures:

J3w3ls made this awesome tool you can use to distribute and customize the Resistances, Weaknesses and Immunities to different creatures from vanilla as well as some well-known mods.
Make sure to read the instructions! It's truly an amazing work, so go give some kudos!

Armor Plugin
Trying to classify each piece of armor was a pain, some of the vanilla armors lack sleeves or pants, they're almost as bad as the bikini armor meme.
Since it was getting overly complicated, and it would break the system on armors with more than 4 pieces (or cloak/pouches mods) I opted for yet another simple solution, keep the vanilla classification of Clothing, Light and Heavy armor.
In order to get the benefit (and weakness) from an armor, you need at least 3 pieces of the same type of armor equipped. 
Armor resistances and vulnerabilities depend solely on the chest piece, since in vanilla and in most modded armors, this piece represent almost the entirety of the outfit.

Clothing have no resistances nor vulnerabilities (they already have 0 armor so this balances it out pretty well.

Light Armor protects the user against Slash damage, but increases the incoming damage of Piercing weapons (an arrow will pierce light armor and prevent you from removing said arrow, further increasing its potential damage to the body)

Heavy Armor protects against Slash damage, but Bludgeoning damage will dent and batter said armor, further increasing the damage to the body

Armor plugin also covers Flesh Spells, beware this will stack with the armor you (and NPCs) wear. 

Oakflesh - Resistant to Piercing and Frost, Weak to Slash and Fire
Stoneflesh - Resistant to Bludgeon and Shock, Weak to Piercing and Frost
Ironflesh - Resistant to Slash and Fire, Weak to Bludgeon and Shock
Ebonyflesh - Resistant to Bludgeon, Weak to Piercing (ebony flesh is basically a stone flesh but completely inert to magic)

Spell Perk Item Distributor
Keyword Item Distributor (KID)

Install like any other mod, no extra steps required

Load Order:
Doesn't matter, esp is also light so it won't count towards plugin limit.

Should be safe to update and uninstall at any time.

It should be compatible with most thing.
Mods adding completely new creature races only need a to add them in a _DISTR.ini file
Animated Armoury will require a patch (which is unfortunate, because it wouldn't if the keywords were implemented as part of the update.esm), anyway, I might provide one later on. Done.

Recommended Mods:
Lore Friendly Ghosts, pretty good alternative for Ghosts, make sure to read the description to make it compatible with this mod.
Runic Mage Armor, I use the overlay one, nice looking and unobtrusive way to see what Flesh Spell the enemy is using

Future Plans:
Make armors have their own resistances and weakneses (like Know Your Armor does), that way Player and NPCs will have Resistances and Weaknesses as well. Done
Add a Bestiary and a Grimoire, giving hints about resistances and vulnerabilities of creatures and armors.

That's it for now, any bugs you find, feel free to report them and I'll fix them as soon as I can