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Unofficial patch for 'Legacy of the Dragonborn' and 'Blackreach Railroad' by Trainwiz.

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NOTE: This is currently an UNOFFICIAL patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn. Unless the official stance on Blackreach Railroad is reviewed in the future the patch will remain as such. Please don't bother the LOTD team with support issues related to this patch. Leave a comment here and I'll do my best to help you. 


  • Small display space in the Hall of Lost Empires, near the stairs.
  • Version 1.3: Moves the display to a new location, to avoid a conflict. Version 1.2 and below are now incompatible with the official display patch for Kthonia's Unique Weapon Pack. A new game is REQUIRED if you are on an old version of the patch.

  • Several new Dwemer dig sites to discover as you ride the rails and clear out the tunnels!
  • Replicas! Gave a fake conductor's hat to Faendal. Wave your unenchanted Steamboiler Staff replica menacingly at a dragon as it breathes fire on you. The possibilities are endless!

  • A few museum amenities in the player home section of the locomotive. 


Blackreach Railroad - Player Cabin Redone - Consistency patch included on the mod's page.

  • Download and Install with a mod manager (or manually, if you enjoy difficulty)
  • (Optional) Download and install the TCC patch.
  • Run everything through LOOT to sort properly. 
  • Enjoy an ice cold beverage. You earned it, champ.

Special Thanks:
LOTD Team - Legacy of the Dragonborn, LOTD patch devkit
Ic0nic0de - Curator's Companion, TCC patch devkit 
Trainwiz - original Blackreach Railroad mod
Trainwiz Mods Discord - fixing up Blackreach Railroad, being a nice place to hang out
SirJesto - looking over the plugin and giving some pointers

My stuff: 
That Guy#8995 on Discord, or Spacedroner just about anywhere else. If anything needs to be altered or fixed, please tell me!

Check out my profile for more LOTD patches and other random nonsense I decide to make.