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Replacer for Anvils, Smelters, Blacksmith Hammers, Hot Iron Rods and Tongs.
Optional Smim smelter with ENB Light

Permissions and credits

 Special thanks to all my Patrons and supporters, you are awesome!   

Little replacer i made for myself, to match my setup, but i thought i´d share it here. It covers Anvils, Smelters (SMIM), Blacksmith Hammers, Hot Iron Rods and Tongs. I didn´t touch the remaining smithing objects, as they´re already covered by many other overhauls.  

I tweaked the SMIM smelters to have additional heat blurs on the sides and up top

The FOMOD includes 

- Hammers, Anvils Hot Iron Rods and Tongs (4k-2k or 2k-1k)
- Vanilla or SMIM Smelters in 2K or 4K
- optional ENB Light
- Patches for Embers XD and Embers HD


install with your preferred Mod Manager or download manually


uninstall with your mod manager


These smelter meshes have tons of UV tweaks and are not compatible with other replacers.
In case of a conflict, load this mod afterwards.

Compatibility patches for Embers XD and HD are included in the FOMOD installer

Brumbek for the amazing SMIM mod
Special thanks to StoneSpiralGaming for the help with the light animation 
jkeRLtoostruus for testing :)


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