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Just a few memes in Melzii's community. Check out
Adds a new cookable (Spicy Jug of Milk), a weird drink (Diivon Se Volaan Yoriik), a new disease (Buttfoot) and hot follower (Leche Picante).

Permissions and credits
Just a few memes in Melzii's community. Check out

Spicy Milk and Leche Picante are now available on XBOX One!

Please check the upgrade guide below if you're upgrading Buttfoot on an existing save!

Compatibility patch for Skeleton Replacer HD - SE comes with the download. Install Skeleton Replacer first or reinstall Melzii's Wild Ride afterwards!

Spicy Milk
Adds a cookable item. Mix 1 Jug of Milk and 1 Firesalt to create a Spicy Jug of Milk - Fortifies carry weight for a day. Also available at potion sellers.
Also adds a wierd drink that you probably shouldn't drink. Available at inn keepers.
If you install both Spicy Milk and Buttfoot you can opt in a version where Spicy Milks cures all diseases but Buttfoot.
Optionally you it will fortify warmth for the Creation Club Survival mode.

Adds a new disease.

You can contract Buttfoot by:
  • 2% chance by walking into water (30 seconds cooldown when outside)
  • 20% chance by getting hit AFTER
    • outside: for 30 seconds after walking into water
    • interior: after walking into water or getting near dripping water effects

Debuffs are:
  • Max. carry weight reduced by 25
  • Heal regeneration turned off
  • Green cloud visuals around player/camera

Leche Picante
Leche Picante is a follower who drank too much spicy milk during the great war.
You can find him in his shop on the road from Whiterun to Winterhold.
Leche Picante exclusive combat music by Shrimpathy!

How to uninstall
Since 0.2.1:
  • Load your game with the mod still enabled
  • Open your in game console
  • Enter help ButtfootMonitor
  • Enter player.removespell XX01F377 (replace XX with the first two numbers you see in the help output)
  • Save and quit game
  • Remove mod

Before 0.2.1:
  • Remove mod
  • Load game and save
  • Follow guide below to clean your save from unattached instances

If you're upgrading from a version below 0.6.0 you must start a new save. Since I flagged a lot of my esp's as ESL now I had to compact FormIDs. This step breaks existing saves. Do not update to 0.6.0 if you want to keep playing your save game.


Do this only if you're upgrading from a version below 0.2.1

If you are upgrading from a previous version and you're planning to use this update with a previous save you have to clean old scripts from the save using ReSaver!
  • Download Resaver here:
  • Disable Buttfoot.esp (and SMCuresExceptBF.esp if applicable) in load order.
  • Load a game; the game will tell you that there're mods missing: Load anyway.
  • SAVE and quit the game.
  • Open ReSaver and select the save you just created. It will already tell you that there are unattached instances. To remove those instances go to Clean and select "Remove unattached instances".
  • Save the file. This save file has the old script removed now. You can reenable Buttfoot in your load order and continue your game.