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Adds a tiny display to the LOTD Safehouse for the 'Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1' Steam Workshop mod by Valve. No one asked for it, but I made it anyway. DOES ***NOT*** INCLUDE THE MOD ITSELF.

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Hey kids, it's me again, back with another unofficial LOTD patch. Made it on a lark for personal use but decided to upload it anyway, for anyone wanting to use it. 


NOTE: This is currently an UNOFFICIAL patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn. Seeing as there is no official port to SSE, and the mod isn't exactly lore-friendly, this is likely going to remain the case indefinitely. Please don't bother the LOTD team with support issues related to this patch. Leave a comment here and I'll do my best to help you. 

Update for those following the guide: The SSE Creation Kit has been migrated to Steam after the Bethesda launcher was retired. The remainder of the text guide is unaffected!

With all that business out of the way, the patch itself...


  • Small display on the desk in the safehouse for both the Space Core and the 'Dovahcore' helmet.
  • Replicas, in case you want to send the real Space Core back to spaaaaace!
  • Curator's Companion patch for convenient item tracking. 


***DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE MOD AND MY LACK OF OWNERSHIP OF IT, OR PERMISSION TO UPLOAD IT, I CANNOT GIVE YOU A COPY TO USE. DO NOT ASK. I have, however, drafted a text guide you can use to acquire your own legitimate copy of Fall of the Space Core Vol. 1, and port it for use with Special Edition. Optionally you can also .esl-flag it and save on plugin space! Check out the Misc. Files section for more details. 

  • Choose ONE variant of the patch (regular or .esl-flagged version of the mod)
  • Download and Install with a mod manager (or manually, if you must)
  • (Optional) Download the TCC patch. It will work with either version.
  • Run everything through LOOT to sort properly. 

Special Thanks:
LOTD Team - Legacy of the Dragonborn, LOTD patch devkit
Ic0nic0de - Curator's Companion, TCC patch devkit
DarthVitrial - pointing out the papyrus error and how to fix it

My stuff: 
That Guy#8995 on Discord, or Spacedroner just about anywhere else. If anything needs to be altered or fixed, please tell me!

Check out my profile thing for more LOTD patches and random nonsense I decide to make.