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DovahBling Bracelets have arrived to Skyrim SE ! Enchantable Left and Right variants for males and females.

Permissions and credits
This a port of testiger2 DovahBling Bracelets (with permission) and with some modifications. If you play LE, download his awesome DovahBling mod it has more jewellery and cool options.

The bracelets are actually the male version (for all females or males), because they have a better LOD. I might add the female variants later after some mesh tweaks in Blender.

I made Left and Right variants so you can wear two at a time (NPCs or Player). They bracelets uses slots 58 and 59.

14 Unique Enchantable Bracelets - 28 in Total.

Craft them at the forge or use AddItemMenu.

----------- Credits -----------

testiger2 for the LE Mod
Saerileth for her Gemstone textures and her support.
UNI00SL for her ring textures.


If you want to support my work  join me on Patreon!

--------------- Big Thanks to ---------------

ousnius for bodyslide, outfitstudio, nif optimizer,
nifskope team.
ElminsterAU and the xEdit team for SSEEdit

------- Mods used in images -------

Custom made NPCs with KS Hairdos and Ulvhild 2.0 (gona release some of them soon)
Lake Manor As it Should Be (great mod, but high loading times)
BD's Armor and Clothing Replacer
Alyn Shir Armor
3BBB Custom Bodies and Leyenda Skin