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Texture replacer for LotD paintings, wall murals, painting frames and tapestries. No esps, loose files. Should work for LE as well.

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Update 1.2 - Added replacer for Hermaeus Mora painting in Hall of Heroes office, added one missing frame and some normal maps

Update 1.1 - Added replacers for Ancient Nordic tapestries (those you get from archelogy), using illustrations for a Finnish mythological book Kalevala by Nikolai Kochergin

There are already a couple different art replacers for LotD available, but I wanted to make another one to suit my own, objectively top-tier patrician taste*. I also wanted to replace the wall murals added to the museum in V5 of LotD, and make all the frames the same color! The Lord Macnarian portrait is also replaced, but I left those golden frames as they were.

I used screenshots by other people found here in Nexus, some art from dA and official concept art, and edited them in Photoshop to look like paintings. Two of the murals are same as the originals, but just higher quality. Texture size is generally 512px (or smaller) as they originally were, but some bigger pieces are scaled up. I tried to put them together to be aesthetically pleasing! I also tried to keep the subjects diverse and not only include waifu pics, even though there were A LOT of those images available here in Nexus hehe. Nothing lewd or nsfw either, a couple tasteful cleavages at the most. You can see all the art in images tab.

There is a few options for you;

1. All - all paintings, murals, frames and tapestries replaced
2. Paintings only - only the paintings, so they will have the original frames in different colors and murals from vanilla LotD
3. Murals only - only replaces the wall murals in East Exhibit Halls
4. Frames only - only replaces the painting frames, can be used with vanilla paintings or another painting replacer
5. Tapestries only - only replaces Ancient Nordic tapestries

Built for LotD V5, but should work with earlier versions too (you will have some extra files but they do not do anything). Should also work for Skyrim LE, since the folder structure is the same as far as I know.


Install normally with mod manager or manually, overwrite files if prompted.
These are only texture files, so no .esps to take up space in your loard order.


As said, the pictures are screenshots from Skyrim SE & LE galleries here from Nexus, users whose beautiful pics I used (in no particular order);

guidethisonekalaheria**, Lobstermagic, Musiclover542, GTXFan, Vermi77, starkhark, wolfgrimdark, ScarletStreak, Exellentium, luxor8071, napoleonofthestump, Pfuscher, SomewhatWindy, rudy102, PoeticAnt44, Orimagen, Mharlek1, 45tg67se, maydragon75, MargoLive, polingc, MagdalenA**, iriarsham, meirimi, dianka33, Sevorias,

Artists from outside Nexus;

, thornspine, veravoyna, Nikolai Kochergin, irishfist123

If you notice I missed some people, please tell me! Also, if you want your image taken down please shoot me a message! :)[/size] If you want to know the url of a specific image let me know and I will try to find it

*I'm joking if it's not clear lmao
[/size]**Extra credit to these creators, I used their work I used the most!