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No attacking / blocking / jumping at zero stamina, rendering a complete new meaning for stamina in this game other than just a limiter for sprint / power attacks. Stamina is actually something that matters and you should put into consideration during combat now.
Latest version adds Stamina consumption and CGO patch

Permissions and credits
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Stamina Matters - No more useless stamina

LE Version:

Version History:

Check "changelog" section above

What it does:
Basically disallows normal attacks, power attacks, jumping, bow draw, blocking (with or without shield) when stamina reaches a certain threshold, it also forces the player from drawing their bow or keeping their guard up at zero stamina.The mod now also  makes those actions consume stamina, if you prefer this one's formula over some of the other mods..

Why I made it:
I like to mod my game to make it more challenging combat-wise, so using some mods like Action combat, and Vigor together made me wonder why I could literally draw my bow at  zero stamina and/or keep it drawn even when my stamina completely depletes, so I looked up the Googles and found nothing on this matter.. And I made it myself.

Compatibility / Load order:
Should be compatible with everything that doesn't alter *animation events* (not to be confused with animation replacers/adders), or at least the ones this mod alters.
Latest version has MCM options to alter game settings like some player stamina consumption, regen rate, etc.. That could be overwritten by other mods that alter those, if you have any, don't alter those options. Or enforce them on game load (new in 1.2)
This mod conflicts with Violens, it will cause crossbows to not function properly (act as melee weapons instead).
No patch is needed, just load this mod BEFORE Violens.

This mod does contain 4 ITM records that are intentional and are required for this mod to function properly.
To elaborate furthermore, these records are what fix the "no magic casting at 0 stamina" bug, and should remain that way in this plugin.
Extra conditions were added to prevent any unwanted behaviors regarding mounted horse combat.

Mods that I'm certain of their compatibility:
--In case anyone who uses these mods is wondering--
Action combat, Vigor, Combat evolved, Combat behaviors improved, attack commitment, Ordinator, TK dodge, Archery Gameplay Overhaul, Better jumping, YY anim replacer, Pretty combat animations, Immersive animations, Animated Armory (without weapon parry), XP32 maximum skeleton
Please note:
This mod DOES add scripts attached to the player ref and - if enabled - scripts to nearby NPCs who are in combat, the purpose of the scripts is to detect when stamina is 0 and character is either blocking or has their bow drawn and forces them out of that state.
I only managed to achieve that using an OnUpdate  event at 0.1sec (can be changed in the MCM) that is only active if the character draws their bow or is blocking. I tried my best to make it as efficient as I could, so it shouldn't be a problem unless your save is massively bloated with scripts.

Player effects are enabled by default, however, due to some weird limitations, certain things need scripts to be applied to NPCs as well, that is only experimental, wonky, and is completely optional.

Lastly, if you're an experienced modder and would like to take a look at the .psc scripts source, I've included it in the Misc section of the files. I'd appreciate any advice or help to make this script more efficient.

If you'd like to use/include this mod's features or changes in any of your mods / translations, feel free to do so as long as credit is given where it's due.
Also please DO NOT upload this mod on any other website, thanks.