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Armor set that equals glass armor set in values\crafting.
based on some game of thrones armor.
Original model made by avelium.

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Project started with Alduin78. He contacted Sketchfab creator AVELIUM, to see if he was willing to let us use his fantastic model in Skyrim.
Avelium creates a lot of cool content, and he was kind enough to send us high resolution textures, and a higher poly model.

Armor is craftable under glass with perk, or obtainable with console commands: Help  "King's Guard".

Includes cuirass, boots, gloves, helmet and shield. For both males and females.
Beast races are not supported due to shape of th helmet not matching the head. They'll wear standard glass helmet instead.


Avelium for  the original Kingsguard armor model. Thank you for sending us the model.
NordwarUA for the boots,shield and trouser mesh.
ArwingXL, TH3WICK3D1, lord0fwar - conversion
StudioCD Projekt RED - creator of armors/textures
redxavier - helmets pack
Afro - assembler of collection.
for gloves: Witcher 2 collection 
zzjay's wardrobe

apologies if anybody was forgotten.

Permission: You must obtain avelium's permission if you want to modify his files. However you can modify the esp.

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