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My conversion to Skyrim Special Edition of "Magicka Sabers"
I also added a light effect to the sabers themselves to increase immersion.

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This Modification updates the already existing mod "Magicka Sabers" to work with Skyrim Special Edition but with a twist. This updated version adds a new light effect to the weapon in an attempt to improve upon the immersion :). They are based on "Light" Sabers after all ^.^

Because of various and totally nonspecific reasons, which are not at all related to my lack of modding experience, I'm fairly sure that these bad boys no longer show up as a craftable item. As a temporary workaround, I've placed copies of all the sabers in Whiterun's Temple of Kynareth

Location: Donation Chest



  •  Extract the folders labeled Meshes and Textures to a location of your choosing 
  •  Copy or cut the folders and paste them into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data (or where ever yours is located)
  • OR Install with Nexus Mod Manager

Extremely Important: 

This is not my source material this is just a conversion and update which I added myself but support the main developer because this is an amazing mod!

The Original was created by Lord Haun
and the mod is located at

Conversion and New Animation by:
Yours Truly