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A re-mesh of some armor and clothing from the beloved Legacy of the Dragonborn mod!

Permissions and credits
It's exactly what you think... and surprisingly small! Includes support for v4 and v5 of Legacy.

icecreamassassin, if you're reading this...  <3 
I got permission so no worries :)

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Armor included: 
  • Ancient Daedric Lord
  • Ancient Shrouded
  • Tiber Septim Robes (Psijic)
  • TS Heavy/Light Armor (Visage)
  • TS Sancre Tor Armor
  • Crusador Armor
  • Dragonmail Cuirass
  • Explorer's Guild Armor
  • Lord's Mail Armor
  • Relic Hunter
  • Stormlord
  • Ysgramor 

Don't bother asking for 3BBB, I already know you want it

Now including an experimental 3BBB version! Again, I don't use it but I followed the instructions on the 3BBB page so whatever

  • now including a corrected v5 version!
  • included female version of Ysgramor armor for v4
  • fixed routing and name errors
  • oh my god I forgot the esp
  • removed body ref from most of the armors
  • mesh fixes
  • included a 3BBB version
  • some mesh fixes
  • changed project names for your convenience