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Buried beneath the abandoned mine lies an ancient nord temple lost in time. Agmer was once a powerful necromancer who aspire to become a Lich and made a deal with a powerful Dremora Valzur to achieve his goal.

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Temple of Agmer
by: venjhammet

Background Story:

Gloom Iron Mine is located South of Markarth near Hag Rock Redoubt. This mine was abandoned many years ago when it was attacked by a giant creature who has kept guarded the mine and the secret entrance to the Temple of Agmer. Now a group of cultist from Vominheim known as the Disciples of Vuldur has found it's location and has venture beneath the mine with a devious plan to summon a powerful Necromancer to wage it's war against all of Tamriel. It's only a matter of time before they succeed. As dragonborn, you must journey to its depths and stop the cultist and defeat the powerful necromancer and it's Dremora master.

This new dungeon is apart from the dungeon packs that I have created. It is also radiant quest enabled and uses vanilla assets only. Enemy npcs uses default stats from the game except for the final Boss. Its a large dungeon with detailed cells, fully optimized and navmeshed.

If you have played my Dungeon Packs before then you know what to expect. For new ones bring a suicide squad. Hope you all going to enjoy it as much as I have created it. This is compatible with all of my Standalone dungeons, Reworked dungeons, Hammet Dungeon Pack and New Vominheim.


-added skyboxes (exterior sky)
-removed tga files in Agmer.bsa file, not needed

-relocated the entrance and is now near Hag Rock Redoubt

For incompatibility issue:

If other mod happens to use the same location I put up the mine.

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