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Blocking animation replacer for two-handed, one-handed. Works both in first person and third person view

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Blocking animation replacer for all melee weapon greatsword, battleaxe, warhammer, one-handed. Works both in first person and third person view. This mod make it looks like we avoid and deflected the attack, push it aside to left or right. Blocking animation for third person view, comes with three different variants for each state. Whether we push the incoming attacks aside to left, to right, downwards, upwards - every weapon have its own style.

I dont know why that three states triggers the same single looks in vanilla. Actually there is 3 files in Skyrim Bsa, but all was absorbing style - pull the weapon backwards only with different speed. Thats what i change, make it go different angles and make it looks like we are deflecting the hit and push it away.

Version 1.3 add stabbing bash. Version 1.4 add first person parrying animation. I didn`t make this new first person animation, i found it hidden in "recoil animation". Im guessing this recoil animation only plays when player get fatal blow or huge damage, so big chance you are dead already if you take that kind of hit, so its barely use or even seen in vanilla blocking.

Dont like the feels that vanilla blocking makes me take the damage willingly. I dont want to take dem attacks straight, i push it aside.


Two handed [Battleaxe or warhammer]
Two handed {Greatsword}
Stabbing bash

Original mod page in Skyrim32

Available for Xbox version




Use installer manager or just copy to game folder

Folder structure

1. Data/meshes/actors/character/animations
2. Data/meshes/actors/character/_1stperson/animations

If you only want 3rd person view animation and dont like 1st person animation delete folder structure No.2 - and vice versa.

Special Thanks

dnalloh1987 for porting to SSE
See his Tutorial for converting
Figment for hkxcmd
Wookied for BSA Unpacker
Aeonflux and xp32 for tutorial
Bergzore for his youtube tutorial
Moljka for the tips

Give feedback if there is anything, and please come back and endorse if you like this.

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