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Lydia now fits rogue playstyles. She has Archery, One-Handed, Light Armor and Stealth perks, and can level beyond level 50.

Permissions and credits
ESL-flagged ESP
Lydia is now a stealthy ranger that fits rogue playstyles.
Compatible with other mods that edit her appearance or dialogue, of course.

No Level Cap
Lydia can level beyond 50.

Leather Outfit
Lydia has a new default armor set consisting of the vanilla leather armor.
There is a light armor version of the previously unplayable Black Necromancer Hood in her inventory.

New Perks
• Archery
Critical Shot
• Light Armor 
Agile Defender
Matching Set
• One Handed 
Fighting Stance
• Sneaking 
Light Foot

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This is a new version made in the SSE Creation Kit, unlike the previous one which was converted from Legendary and was giving most people the missing face textures bug.