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This mod replaces the enchantment on the dark brotherhood headgear with an entirely new enchantment: Snipe.
The dark brotherhood gear is now also disenchantable.

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Assassin Enchantments
By KurodaAkira

The stealth assassin is quite the fun build for your skyrim character. Unfortunatly you have to stick to the dark brotherhood gear until you can make enchantments powerful enough to outweight them. If you want to sneak attack with bows you have to stick with Bow damage enchantments. This kinda sucks and I wanted to do something about it.
So here I present to you: Assassin Enchantments.

First off all shrouded headgear now have a different enchantment: Snipe (Doubles sneak attack damage with bows and crossbows! FINALLY!)
Aside from that. The headgear, gloves/gauntlets and shoes/boots are now also disenchantable.
Backstab can only be applied to gloves/gauntlets while Snipe is restricted to headgear.

Now you can be one badass assassin and be fashionable at the same time! YAY!

Install Instructions:
Either drag the “AssassinEnchantment.esp” into you Skyrim/Data folder or install via the Nexus Mod Manager.
Uninstall Instructions:
Remove the “AssassinEnchantment.esp” or uninstall via the Nexus Mod Manager.

Special Thanks:
Bethesda: For creating such an awesome game
The SSEEdit Team: For making SSEEdit
You guys: For downloading this mod