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BeArserk v.3 SE

I'm not the original creator of this mod, I just converted it to SE. There are 2 versions: English and Russian.
There's already a conversion on Bethesda.net, but I wanted to upload it on Nexus and try to convert a mod to SE.
I made this for fun, so I wont be supporting or updating it. In case of any questions contac original author.

Original mod: http://casualmods.net/bearserk-eng.html
COnversion on Bethesda.net: https://bethesda.net/ru/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/3939106


Attempt to make a bear musician companion. In this version, you'll have choosing for companions from three bears. Though all at once, though separately.
To avoid conflicts recommend using mod with gamesaves where Bearserk has not been installed. If previous version of BeArserk beta is plugged:

-let bear free in game.
-save game.
-unplug mod in launcher.
-start and save game without mod.

Known bugs

-Standard bug from Bethesda. You'll can't talk with Bearserk at first meeting. Save and load game at first meeting to fix this bug.

-Sometimes Bearserk may loose function of dialogue or freeze in T-pose. Fix it by console "~", click on Bearserk, Disable, Enable.

Features of this version:

1. There three bears now.
2. They're immortal.
3. Can play both melodies from old mods.
4. They will stop playing lute on distance of 800 points from you.
5. In the battle bears uses their lutes.
6. There no matter, do you have current companion or not, bears will go with you anyway.
7. If you see Bear stopped in the middle of a fight, it's means that his HP is near to zero, treat him by spell and he will rush back into the fray.
8. To not let them stuck in locations, and do not interfere you walking, their gabarits became smaller.
9. Defeating all enemies, bear will play the lute Misirlou. If two or three of them, the rest will stand in victory poses.


Cherniy(black bear) - A small island at the lake, look screenshot. There no fast travel function.

Buriy(brown bear) - Camp at Hot Springs, near the "Black Broad". There no fast travel function.

Beliy(snow bear) - Wreckage "Orphan Tears".


RSV for creating this mod;
Misirlou by Dick Dale;
We will Rock You by Queen;
Bethesda for CreationKit;