About this mod

High resolution AI up-scaled effects textures, for every single effect

Permissions and credits
Project Clarity - Effects Textures Redone

Using Kartoffels excellent Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures as a base, all Effects textures have been up-scaled with an AI upscaler, and saved in BC7 file format.

100% Lore/Vanilla friendly.

Notes & Permissions

This can be used as is, to either replace creature textures, or be used as a base to build on.

These are still Bethesda textures, the quality doesn't even come close to
retextures made from scratch. However they are still better than vanilla, and this
mod should serve as an excellent base for building textures off of.

This is also a modders resource, feel free to use these textures for
anything and everything you want. Permissions are open. Credit is
preferable but not required.