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a simple tutorial to make the great le mod 100% sse compatible for everyone who is able to copy files and to add a directory in an installed mod.

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if you miss the great BFS mod in SSE this simple tutorial is for you to play with this le mod in sse.

1. install le mod in skyrim se. use the loose file version to be able to copy files and to add a new folder in the mod directory.
2. open the directory of the installed le mod
3. add a new folder called "source"
4. copy all files and folder(not just move!) from the folder "script" to the new folder "source".
5. you are done with the patch

ignore any warnings regarding form 43. the form 43 esp is fully sse compatible with this patch.
if you convert it to form 44 do it at your own risk. i do not recommend it.

do never ever try to convert this or any other form 43 esp esp into an esl because it is form 43! you will break the mod and maybe your saves.

tested and working without glitches in my game.

if you feel to discuss form 43 esp and the stories about risk for sse one info in advance:
my modded game runs perfectly stable with about 20 form 43 mods for years including ningheim race mod. i can assure you, there is no need to convert these esps just because of form 43. known instabilities are all related to textures, meshes  or scripts.
you will find further info in my "jana lunari preset"  mod thread.

this is just my humble contribution to make the le mod work for you in sse. no need to endorse or anything.
if you still want to support this tutorial feel free to download the dummy file with this description to endorse (after 15min) or support me just with the download.
thank you, xrayy.