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Mod adds 4 colour variants of a battle mage armour plus a hood and circlet. Female only.

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This mod has been sitting on my WIP folder for long enough. I was gonna add more stuff and build a house, but life is getting in the way! :D
People have been asking me to convert the LE Battle Mage armour, so I figured I'll upload this instead.
(the LE version needs work, I'm not happy with it)

MOD ADDS 4 DIFFERENT COLOUR FEMALE MAGE OUTFITS. You can now look bad-ass and sexy at the same time! 

How to get: Craft either clothed or light armour at the smithing forge while you have the book "Arcane Crafting" in your inventory. You can find one book in the CoW Arcaneum desk and one in the Alchemist's Shack in the Rift. Or just use ESP Explorer and get them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
They are unenchanted and can have whatever armour enchantments you want. 

Craft the "basic" version if you are using CBBE, and craft the "[VANILLA]" variant if you are using UNP or the vanilla body.
If you use vanilla or UNP body, download this fix:

There's also a hood that matches the armour sets, and a circlet, in case you want a matching set bonus.

BodySlide files provided with the download.

This armour goes great with the Backpack mod I just released earlier :)


• Skyrim SE up to date

Known issues with armours: 
- NOT MADE FOR VANILLA TEXTURES. I recommend Rustic Clothing. If you use something else, the armour might look way different. I take no responsibility :D
- Weightpainting is atrocious. I am not good with modeling or creating models, I'm only using Outfit Studio for this. 
- No detailed inventory models as I don't care about such things much.
- Not made for characters with huge bewbies, the BodySlide is pretty basic so if you want the best results, use Outfit Studio yourself to adjust >_>


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