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This mod makes you able to marry people right from the beginning of the game, by removing all the initial requirements (talking to Maramal, buying an amulet from him, wearing the amulet), and also makes you able to propose almost every NPC, including mod's NPC. Optional file allows you to skip the entire wedding event. French and English available.

Permissions and credits
Free marriage.

First of all, before going into the description, I want to make an important disclaimer:

Free marriage is divided in two parts:
--> The first part is the ESP/ESL file itself.
--> The second part is the scripts.

As of the update 1.2, the format of the files has been upgraded to ESP flagged as ESL.
Read the details about the update 1.2 below for more details.

These two parts complement each other, in a way I will detail in the description below, but what you have to know is, while they complement each other, they also can work independantly from each other, meaning you can absolutely use only one of them if you want, no matter which one.

I will describe individually each part of the mod below, so you can know exactly what you are installing.


For better readability, each section of the description will be put under Spoiler tags you can collapse as you wish.

Due to the lenght of the description, there won't be a French description.

Update 1.2 is now live.

- The update 1.2 brings a major update to the files themselves: as I received numerous comments from people telling me that the ESL files didn't work for them, while the ESP were; I have now turned the ESP files into ESP flagged as ESL files.

What does it mean? It means you will have an ESP file, which will have all the features and functionalities of an ESP file, AND, as it is flagged as ESL, it also means this file won't be counted towards the 255 plugin limit of regular ESP.

If you were using the ESP version, you can safely upgrade to the ESP flagged as ESL version, the only difference you will have it that the mod won't take anymore room in your plugin limit, in short, you gain one slot for others mods.

If you were using the ESL version and it worked for you, then you don't need to upgrade to said version as you already have everything working as intended.

Aside of this change in the file itself, the update 1.2 doesn't bring any other change in the mod itself.

Update 1.1 is now live.

- The update 1.1 fixes an issue that prevented marriage with some NPCs due to the conversation cutting short, thus, disallowing the player from following through.
Now, the conversation will proceed as intended.

However, fixing this issue has brought another minor issue, in that some NPCs, although their answer will play properly and will allow the player to proceed with the marriage, won't use their audio files, in short, they will be muted, but ONLY for this sentence (Their answer to the player's marriage proposal), the rest of their dialogues, including the dialogues after being married, will be voiced as before.
Despite my efforts, I couldn't bring back the audio without removing the fix itself, so I decided that having ONE sentence being muted for SOME NPCS was worth fixing a major issue.

Also, this update DOESN'T allow you to marry with NPCs who do not have the proper voice used for marriage, notably, old people or some important quest NPCs like Delphine or Karliah.

This is something I CAN change, as the solution is roughly the same as the previous fix, but it requires a lot of work and testing, much more than what I am currently willing to do, on top of being pretty sure marrying quest NPCs could cause major issues with their quests and behavior, and I don't want to be spammed with messages asking me for support.

I do not rule out to do it in the future, but for now, I am not willing to commit to it, so don't ask.

Note: NO changes have been made to the scripts.

So, what is Free marriage, and what is its purpose?

Now, let's talk about the Scripts themselves.

So, in short, what are the ESP/ESL and the scripts do?

Q/A and complementary information.

Installing, uninstalling, and technical information.