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Adds extra conditions to both Vanilla and Bruma loading screens, so that they only have a chance to appear in appropriate areas.

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This simple mod edits the conditions on loading screens for both Vanilla and Bruma, so you're not bombarded with information about the Mammoths of Skyrim while you're exploring an Ayleid ruin, and vice versa. Does not affect 'generic' loading screens such as game-play mechanic ones, ones containing lore/tips that could universally apply, or ones that already were restricted to certain conditions.

I plan to update this mod further as more BS projects release.


First, install USSEP (Required for the Vanilla module, as USSEP fixes some of the edited records.)
Then, install both the Vanilla module and the Bruma module by downloading and installing with the mod manager of your choice (Recommended) or manually extract to your Data folder.


Should be compatible with anything that doesn't also edit the loading screens. Mods that replace the visuals of a loading screen should be compatible, so long as they only edit the model that the screen was already pointing to. Mods that add more loading screens are compatible, but will be subject to their own conditions and a consistency patch may be warranted. Forwards the changes from the Ayleid Loading Screen Hotfix.


I now have a patreon, if you enjoy my mods and would like to support me, I would greatly appreciate it. However, my mods will never be paywalled or offered early to patrons, so don't worry. It's purely to help me have to focus less on real life and more on modding.