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High heels making you float on chairs and beds? This is a fix.

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What Is It
This plugin fixes floating on top of chairs and beds when attempting to sit/sleep while wearing high heels.

If you are having issues with foot sinking into the ground and have RaceMenu High Heels Fix (here) installed, try disabling that mod.


  • Install SKSE (here)
  • Install Address Library (here) according to your game version, update the Address Library whenever you update/change your game version
  • Install this mod using manager

Alongside the plugin file is a configuration file to specify which animation types to enable or disable. Assign 0 to disable and 1 to enable.

Supported Animations

  • Sitting in chairs, stools, Jarl throne, benches, table benches
  • Sleeping in beds, bedrolls
  • Riding horses, swimming
  • Arcane enchanters, workbenches, grindstones, cooking pots, cooking spits
  • Blacksmith forge, carriage, shop/inn counter, table leaning

General Notes

Only tested with RaceMenu high heels system.

Notes for Users/Modders

To prevent leg/foot from floating, animations should ensure that the foot (with high heels height applied) are in the intended position, this position will be used as a reference to adjust the rest of the body.

In short, if a foot (with high heels height applied) floats above the ground without this plugin, it will also float with this plugin.

If the intended position of a foot during the animation is off the ground, then that is fine.

The image below uses the vanilla sitting animation to illustrate the above.
The intended position of the foot is on the ground and there it will remain, the rest of the body will be lowered based on the height offset.


Skse team for SKSE
meh321 for maintaining Address Library
Ryan and everyone that contributed to CommonLibSSE