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You murdered it!

Now, you command it (briefly, at least.)

The latest in the exciting new series of THE RIVERWOOD CHICKEN

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It's now even CREEPIER! It's not really much KOOKIER! Where it comes from is MYSTERIOUSER! Its very existence may be a tiny bit SPOOKIER!

OK, so my second mod is here & this time it's an .esl from the very start!

You'll find a spell tome in the alley opposite Alvor's Smithy in Riverwood, next to the Riverwood Trader.

Pick it up, learn the spell & you too can command THE VENGEFUL SPIRIT OF THE RIVERWOOD CHICKEN!

Don't forget to make Riverwood forever spooky by adding the original THE RIVERWOOD CHICKEN - SPOOKY GHOST. (Don't worry, the ghost can still haunt Riverwood whilst you command its soul through conjuration; since death it has become all powerful & can manifest itself in many places.)

I'm making slow progress with the learning but I'm getting there with an animal companion so keep preparing for A PERSONALISED & PERSISTENT HAUNTING OF YOUR VERY OWN SOUL!!

It should work without any conflicts unless you've got a mod which places something directly where I've placed the spell tome for THE VENGEFUL SPIRIT OF THE RIVERWOOD CHICKEN.

Stay tuned. ;)