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This mod adds craftable weapons from Capcom's game "Monster Hunter" into the world of Skyrim.
mod created by Syncing. original mod page:

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                                                                               Thanks to Saika Games for this nice video!                                

This mod adds craftable weapons from Capcom's game "Monster Hunter" into the world of Skyrim. All the weapons are
completely new and user-made models with from-the-scratch made, high
detailed texture. mod created by Syncing. original modpage:

Version 1.2 features:

8 craftable weapons:
  • Assassin's Dagger
  • Odyssey
  • Frost Edge
  • Buster Sword
  • Iron Greatsword
  • Carbalite Sword
  • Ravager Blade
  • Guardian Sword

All weapons are craftable at any forge in the category "Misc".
They're also upgradeable (tested at the normal smith in Whiterun near the gates).

5 Books containing info-material from the game:
  • Infomagazine "Practical Hunting - Sword and Shield"
  • Infomagazine "Practical Hunting - Greatswords"
  • Infomagazine "Practical Hunting - Wyvern (1+2+3)"
  • (buyable at Belethor's Shop in Whiterun)

2 new misc items:
  • Monster Bone (you can get them from wolves and ice wolves)
  • Ice Crystal (you can get them from ice-wolves

note from the original author:
Please note that I try to keep it really close to Monster Hunter, this
includes e.g. the size of the weapons and the needed "ingredients" to
craft the weapons.

747823 - Textures
cR45h - Textures
Syncing - rest (model, uv, bake, nif, collision, etc)
saphira - screenshots

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