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Change the behavior of Serana to make her more SERENE.

She stops using necromancy and starts summoning Gargoyles instead.
It will also stop charging at the enemy on her own and start fighting like any other followers.

She will only use the furniture and idle markers when the player is sitting or crafting.

Permissions and credits
for Legendary Edition ->


- No necromancy, summoning Gargoyles instead
She will no longer use necromancy at all. This change will not affect enemy necromancers in any way.

As an alternative to necromancy, she will be able to use the new Gargoyles summoning spell (Level 20 or higher is required). As the player level up, she will be able to summon stronger Gargoyles.

It also prohibits her from learning the Chain Lightning in the higher level and makes her learn the slightly weakened Thunderbolt.

- Don't charge at the enemy
When she discovers an enemy, it will prohibit her from charging at it on her own and make her start fighting like any other vanilla followers. This should be especially useful for sneaking play.

- Refrain from free movement and do not interfere with the player
She does not take free action on her own. She stands in place like any other followers and waits for the player to act. Only when the player is sitting or crafting will she begin to act freely as she has been doing.

- Can be used with beautification mods as is
This mod does not make any changes to the "DLC1Serana (FormID: xx002B6C)" which must be changed by the beautification mod. Therefore, there is no need to modify or create a patch with xEdit, and it can be used together.

Install with the mod management tool.
Her possession of spells is automatically updated within 24 hours in game.

Uninstall with the mod management tool.
Her possession of spells will automatically update within 24 hours after the next level up.