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This is the SSE port of the multiple-followers-supported edition of the Followers as Companions mod, including the LE 1st-person AI patch, all merged into a single convenient plugin.

Permissions and credits
This is the SSE port of the multiple-followers-supported edition of the Followers as Companions mod. This mod enables you to ask your followers to walk right beside you, instead of always following you from a discrete distance. Most features are tweakable in the MCM.

The multiple-follower version of the original mod, apart from obviously providing support for multiple followers as well, also had the advantages of an automated AI, and improved compatibility. Quoting the author:
The purpose of my modified mod is to provide support for multiple users, and to automate the ai. The original mod supports one user, one pet. It also edits a quest event that is used by most follower mods, making it incompatible in varying degrees. [...] The original mod relies on hot keys to control the one follower, whereas the ai is automated in the multiple follower version.
Follower position is controlled by dialogue [instead of another hotkey].

Demonstration video of the original by IsharaMeradin:

In addition, this port also includes the 1st person AI patch, which improves on the behavior of followers when the player is in 1st person. Quoting from its overview:

In the original mod, when assigning a follower as a companion to either side, their AI will be fixated and will try to always keep to that position. So if you were to face the follower [in 1st person view], they will run to your side. Turn to face them, and they will again run to your side, out of your view.
This patch adds additional automation to the follower's AI, so that when the player is a) in 1st person view AND b) NOT moving, then FaC is disabled for this duration. Thereby you can easily stop and turn to the follower and talk to them, without them running around.
The patch also fixes unvoiced dialogues and typos.

Demonstration video of the LE version:

The port's plugin is a merge of these two mods in a single convenient package.

Just to reiterate - this release is equivalent to having the multiple followers edition of the original mod, together with the 1st person AI patch in LE.


  • Recommended: with your favorite mod-manager.
  • Manual: at your own responsibility. Unpack the files to Skyrim/Data.

It's never a good idea to remove scripted mods mid-playthrough, but if you absolutely must:
  1. Order all of your current followers to fall back.
  2. Use MCM option to prepare for uninstall.
  3. Save game & exit.
  4. Remove the mod.

One of the main advantages of this version is that it should theoretically be compatible with everything, of course except for the port of the singe-follower version, Followers as Companions SSE.
Additional considerations: if a modded follower's author says that the follower shouldn't be controlled by other mods, then it may be best not to ask that follower to walk by your side.

Known Issues:
  • (carried over from the original mod) The follower does not always recognize when the player sheathes their weapon/magic or exits stealth. This is a minor thing. Simply wait for the AI package stack to evaluate on its own. Each follower behaves differently in this regard but it is consistent for the given follower.
  • (carried over from the original mod) Sometimes the follower will become fixated on a specific direction and continue to face that direction despite the player turning. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this. When it happens simply draw/sheathe weapon, change directions boldly, or otherwise do something that triggers the AI package stack to be changed. 
  • (issue of the 1st person AI patch) The responsiveness of the fix is limited by how fast NPC's can evaluate their AI stacks. Depending on how script heavy your game already is, and what your papyrus settings are, it may take up to 1-2 seconds for the follower to acknowledge that you stopped and want to talk. If you turn to them very quickly after stopping, they may still try to dash to the side, but will stop doing that in 1-2 seconds.

Authors & Credits:
  • IsharaMeradin: Creator of the original mod and owner of the concept
  • tonycubed2: Creator of the multiple followers version of the original
  • WhiteWolf424242: Creator of the 1st person AI patch
  • kojak747: Maintainer of the SSE port.