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This mod adds one new bow to Broken Tower Redoubt. It can also be crafted, enchanted, and improved with the Elven smithing perk. It has the base damage of an ebony bow and is slightly faster. Custom created model, and 2K textures. Optional file to replace all forsworn bows in game. Flagged as .esl v1.0a

Permissions and credits

If upgrading from v1.0  to version 1.0a you NEED to create a clean save first.
Disable the mod
Load game then save
Enable new version.

Otherwise it will break your save!

You will need to re-aquire the bow and will loose any custom enchantments
or upgrades. Small price to pay to have it as an .esl and save room for
more mod goodness.

There are 2 options available to add this new model, and texture to your game:

Use either by itself or both together depending on what you want.

Main file is a stand alone .esp mod that will add one Eagle Bow to your game. (see readthis below for details on that bow).

Optional file is a straight replacer of the forsworn bows that appear in game to use this model, and texture. There is no esp for this.

Use either as stand alone or both together depending on what you want. Textures for both are located in the same folder so OK to let them overwrite if you use both together.


Eagle Bow SE v1_0a

Reason for this mod:

Just having fun creating bows :)

What does this mod do:

This mod adds one Eagle Bow to Broken Tower Redoubt in the top chamber in the mouth of an elk head hanging on the wall.
It has the same base damage as ebony but is slightly faster. It can be crafted, upgraded, and enchanted as well.


Unpack the archive to your Skyrim Special Edition folder and place a check mark by 'Eagle Bow.esp' on start up.
Or use your favorite mod manager.

Version Log:

1.0 initial release

1.0a Flagged as .esl


None without permission from me first. Just ask before you do anything with the assets in this mod.


My dog Harley for the image of the fur used on the limbs of this bow. Good Dog :)

Special Thanks:

PhatBassAnchor for images, ideas, play testing, and sparking my inspiration to mod.

Final thoughts:

I have this idea in my head to eventually replace all the models and textures for bows in the game with higher poly models, higher resolution textures, and more realistic designs.
We shall see how far I get ;)

Hope you enjoy this