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A small patch to add a female version of Eferas's rugged Cyrodiilic Thief Armor.

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If you've seen any of my previous recent spate of mods, you know what I'm going to say already: I like when things match. I like when what I see in my inventory (or the chest I'm rummaging through, or the corpse I'm looting, etc) looks at least close to the end result of what's going to show up on my character or follower when I equip it. To that end, I've taken the Cyrodiilic Thief Armor created by Eferas and fiddled with the meshes to make a female version of the armor set(s).

You will need the original Cyrodiilic Thief Armor mod installed for this patch to work.

There is also a loose files version of the patch that you can download manually that contains nothing but the meshes! You will need to use the Creation Kit or SSEEdit to attach those meshes to the original mod (or wherever else you want to put them) and while I am happy to have my work edited or improved, you may not upload the results without obtaining permission from Eferas first! Full ownership of these assets rests with them, not me!

UNP or CBBE version? maydragon75 has confirmed that the armor looks fine for UNP as well (check out their gorgeous screenshots)! As for any dedicated body-mod versions of the armor, if you make one I'll be glad to upload it as an optional file, but I only use the vanilla body so I won't be building them myself.

Eferas for making and sharing the original armor, and being generous enough to allow me to upload this alteration.
FrankFamily for texture work on the original mod.
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE for assets used in the original mod's creation.
BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente for providing the tools I used to create this conversion.