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Is it very strange that no really wounded or sick npcs in skyrim when the war is occuring? Here comes the really wounded and sick people~ The ASYMMETRY is the main idea for me to make skyrim's npc more diverse and immersive.

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Not only the original game but also almost all mods have tried to make skyrim's npc diverse according to the symmetry of the npc appearance. Here I tried to make skyrim's npc more immersive and diverse according to the asymmetry!!! Because the skyrim was under war and battle, thus it should be very common that some npcs should got really wounded or sick. I believe the asymmetry is a very good idea to make skyrim diverse again~~~

My mod is to use npc appearance changer to load the carefully jslot files to make some male npcs looks really sick or wounded, for example, a begger or a solider is a very good object~ Thus, NO ESP NEEDED! and COMPATIBLE WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING!! and it just change the object npc's appearance, other npc's appearance still keep the original type. Here, I have made a begger named Brenuin in Whiterun (BASE ID 00013BA7). Not only the face but also the body were carefully remade to preset my main idea---- the asymmetry. You should first installed NPC appearance changer (esl). Tempered male skin were not necessary but highly recommended. 

How to use my mod? My mod is just a preset file, and you should put it in your overwrite/skse/plugins/chargen/exported file. Then in game, you must meet Brenuin in whiterun for the first time, and then load my preset by NPC appearance changer in MCM. Make sure that your have the latest version of racemenu and XPMSSE. If you have any loading questions, the more descriptions can be found in NPC appearance changer page:

I am not sure, but if I have time, I will change other npcs to the asymmetry according to their background.

Finally, thank you for all the authors who made the mods mentioned above to make skyrim's men... asymmetry... for the first time to my best knowledge~~~

2020.10.14 update:
Embry (00035508, riverwood): left facial and arm mass. it is recommended Hallgarth's Additional (Vanilla) Hair and Ixum's Tattoos to present hair and body details.
Angrenor Once-Honored (00014137, windhelm): sharp head!! his body looks malnutrition causes big belly.