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Moon size changes for Masser and Secunda. Four different sizes to choose from, with hundreds of combinations possible!!! Compatible with all. Esp flagged as ESL so won’t take up load limit. See size comparable below. Will work great with other moon texture mods or glow mods or vanilla moon.

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Update (Change Log)

10/12/2020: Version 1a (Optional Files)  You can now change each moon separately.  For an example; you can have Masser small and Secunda very large, or vise versa (or any combination you want, or just change one moon size only, the sky's the limit). Screen shots of your combination welcome! 

Very Large Moons (High-Fantasy) 

Large Moons (Mid-Fantasy)

Medium Moons (Low-Fantasy)

Vanilla Moons Comparable (Vanilla)

Small Moons (Realistic)

What does this mod do:
1. This mod offers 4 versions of moon size changes. Very Large, Large, Medium, and Small.
2. Each size change will increase the size of the moons only, affects no other files and is safe with all other mods (except mods that alter moon sizes). 

Why create this mod:
1. Starting a collection of retextures of all of Skyrim and currently working on all sky textures with Realistic to High-Fantasy versions. 
2. This Moon Size mod goes perfect with my moon retexture to give a Realistic feel all the way to High-Fantasy (or any moon mod, compatible with all moon mods (except other specific moon size mods).

1. There are 4 versions of Moons Sizes. 
2. See Pictures above for size comparable.
3. Each ESP file is flagged as an ESL file, so it will not count towards your load limit (safe to install and not worry about ESP count). 

How to install:
1. Choose which version you prefer (only choose one at a time, you may choose other versions if you want to try them all out,  just overwrite previous version installed). Masser stand alone and Secunda stand alone can be downloaded separate (see optional files). If you are going to try all different versions, make a new save (it is only simple file edit, no script, but make a back up save to be safe).
2. Read "Files" above for more information or go to the download section and read the file information there for more information regarding versions.
3. Use your preferred mod manager to install the file (I recommend Mod Organizer 2).
4. If using a Mod Manager, maker sure to enable the ESP file on the left panel. 
5. Load order should not matter.
6. Or... manually download and install directly into Skyrim Special Edition>Data (I highly recommend Mod Organizer 2).

1. Should be compatible with everything, except other mods that do the exact same thing (edit moon sizes.
2. Work perfect with other moon texture mods, vanilla moons, or my personal moon texture mod ( see below for my mod links).

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