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Fire Wyrms are stronger and only attack enemies.

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Basically, Fire Wyrms:
  • Only attack enemies (no longer attack neutral NPCs like guards and such)
  • Actually go after enemies instead of doing nothing
  • Wander around instead of hovering in the same spot
  • Level with you up to level 50 (before they were stuck at level 11)

This mod only alters dlc2FireWyrmCreated, AKA the Fire Wyrm from the Dragonborn DLC. Just the actual Fire Wyrm, not the shout or anything. It should be compatible with everything.

It's a single esp. Just use NMM or drop it in your Data folder and activate it.

This mod is inspired by:
Worth noting that I have nothing to do with x0ne or his mod, I just wanted a better Fire Wyrm and made this myself.