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Evenstar is a small "vanilla-plus" standing stone overhaul. It improves standing stone effects to create a meaningful choice between different standing stones.

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Evenstar - Minimalistic Standing Stones of Skyrim


Vanilla standing stones are an interesting game mechanic, but certain stones are clearly better than others, and the 1/day stones are unappealing unless you cheese them with the Aetherial Crown.

This is a small mod that improves the standing stone bonuses, changing 1/day powers to passive abilities and improving underpowered or uninteresting standing stone effects.

Standing stones

The Apprentice Stone

  • Powerwell: Magicka regenerates twice as fast. 50% weaker to magic.

The Atronach Stone

  • Corrupted Arcana: Spells are 30% more effective. Magicka regenerates 100% slower at full Health, returning as Health decreases.

The Lady Stone

  • Lady's Visage: Deal 40% more shield bash damage and gain 25 Stamina on block, but can't regenerate Stamina in combat.

The Lord Stone

  • Old Stone: Armor increased by 75 points and magic resistance by 25%.

The Lover Stone

  • Lover's Comfort: All skills improve 15% faster.

The Mage Stone

  • Mage's Path: All Mage skills are 10% more effective and improve 8% faster.

The Ritual Stone

  • Eldritch Moon: Can conjure an additional minion.

The Serpent Stone

  • Star Curse: Curses your enemies, reducing armor by 100 points and causing 50% weakness to poison.

The Shadow Stone

  • Moonshadow: Sneak 40% faster and deal 15% extra damage with sneak attacks.

The Steed Stone

  • Pack Horse: Move 15% faster and gain a 100 point bonus to carry weight.

The Thief Stone

  • Thief's Path: All Thief skills are 10% more effective and improve 8% faster.

The Tower Stone

  • Tower Key: Unlock any lock up to Expert level once a day. Chests and barrels unlocked this way contain extra gold.

The Warrior Stone

  • Warrior's Path: All Warrior skills are 10% more effective and improve 8% faster.