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A replacer for Camilla Valerius from Riverwood. Will be also included in my next NPC overhaul mod.

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This mod adds Camilla Valerius replacer and also sets her to essential. It's incompatible with any other mod that changes Camilla's appearance.


    Extract the files inside your Skyrim folder and overwrite everything if asked.

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    I changed the weight from 50 to 10, so you may experience a neck seam since the game loads the old weight value. You can fix this by manually setting her weight to 10 and disable/enable her with commands or directly making a new save game.

Thank you for the great support! Tell me if you find any issue.

LogRaam for The Eyes of Beauty.
Hvergelmir for the Brows.
Kalilies for KS Hairdo's / HG Hairdo's.
I used Bijin Skin in the screenshots.
All my supporters.
NexusMods for hosting the mod.
Bethesda for Skyrim SE and Creation Kit.