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Simple recipes for craftable ultimate potions (Magicka, Stamina, Health)

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In the late game, player-made potions are not up to the task: when you need to drink 5 of your best potion just to restore to full health, you're going to get eaten alive, especially if you're playing with a realism mod that makes the potions heal over time. In the end, alchemy is simply not remotely as effective for survival as restoration magic or bought/found potions.

This mod seeks to correct this oversight, without breaking game balance. It adds 3 new lore-friendly recipes to the cooking pot for players with high alchemy skill, to create the vanilla Ultimate Healing, Ultimate Stamina, and Ultimate Magicka potions.

Compatibility: This mod should work with any other mod, as it does not add any scripts, objects, or items to the game, nor does it modify any perks. There are no dependencies. In order to ensure compatibility, I've tried to make sure that the 3 recipes that are added have unique names.

The recipes (all require Alchemy Skill 100):
Potion of Ultimate Healing
  • Wheat
  • Blue Mountain Flower

Potion of Ultimate Magicka
  • Creep Cluster
  • Red Mountain Flower

Potion of Ultimate Stamina
  • Histcarp
  • Purple Mountain Flower

These recipes have been chosen because they will result in a potion with the same effect through the alchemy skill, and because the ingredients are relatively easy to find: all of the ingredients can be grown in the Hearthfire garden/fishery if you have HF installed, or they can be found growing around Skyrim.

If there is demand, I will create a version to craft a potion of Well-Being (Dragonborn DLC). This has deliberately been left out in order to ensure that the mod works for all installations.
Do you plan to add lower level potions?
No. The player-made potions through Alchemy are better than any lower-level potions, and you can use the same recipes at an Alchemy Lab. If I make a potion of well-being version, I may include lower level combinations as there is no recipe in Alchemy to add all 3 of the effects.