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The final version of my first mod 'Astral Armor' which adds two female only armors for the CBBE body (optional Bodyslide files) and two matching greatswords to the game. The sets are craftable, upgradable and enchantable.

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I finaly finished my very first mod 'Astral Armor'. It includes two full sets of armor and two greatswords. The armors are female only and designed for the cbbe curvy preset (but cbbe bodyslide files are available). Both sets are light armor and require the glass smithing perk aswell as the matching recipe book inside your inventory to show up at a crafting station. They should be upgradable and enchantable and are in general a little bit better than normal glass stuff. There is no difference in armor rating and stuff between the evil and the holy version however.

So much for the standard stuff, let's get started with the special stuff:
- The armors have partly animated textures
- The head pieces have some kind of fake physics for the floating parts
- There are two additional equipment pieces for each set (The normal ones being Helmet, Cuirass, Gauntlets and Boots) which add the particle effects for the shoulders. So those of you that prefer their armor more boring can just skip these (They don't affect gameplay). The two extra pieces occupy the slots 58 and 59 and I really don't know whether that was a good choice. If it was a bad choice for any particular reason please let me know and I might change them.

Just pretend I didn't mess up and both gifs are the same size...

Sure, the daedric lords just realized that they really need to make more badass looking artifacts with no useless enchantments to catch the dragonborns attention. So they contacted the dwemer in their secret hideout to design a cool looking armor. Then they bound the paper from several elder scrolls into a recipe book to hold the blueprints of the new armor and instructed a servant of Sheogorath to hide it in the mortal plane to be found by the dragonborn. And I guess the divines noticed that they don't even have cool artifacts and did the same really... maybe... at least that's what I was told...

The armor can only obtained through crafting. The required recipe books should not be too hard to spot during an average playthrough. If I were the one instructed by Sheogorath to drop them in the mortal world, I'd probably droped them in the college of winterhold, where a few books more or less wouldn't cause too much attention. You also need the glass crafting perk to make the armors.
If you are blind or just fear that another mod is interfering with the spawning location of the books, I'll include a screenshot of said location in the image tab.


- merging all the textures that can be merged (because it's a mess right now xD)
- build a nice location, and then hide the recipe books there :D

Install with your prefered mod manager.

Since I don't alter anything in any way and just add this armor, I can't think of any incompabilities. (Although the cuirass has quite a few polys so I don't know whether it runs smoothly on slower computers)
Mods that alter the interiors of the college of winterhold also may make it impossible to find the recipe books.

- Blender 2.8
- Substance Painter v2020.2.1
- NifScope 2.0 Dev 7
- Outfit Studio x64
- NifOptimiser v3.0.14
- Bethesda Archive Extractor v0.10
- ImageMagick 7.0.10-29
- Gimp
- CreationKit

- Startsight Eyes (Glowing Eye textures)
- Community Overlay 1, 2 and 3
- KS Hairdos SSE
I hope I didn't miss any. RM presets are downloadable in the misc section if you really want what I hacked together in 1 minute xD

- Although I made all the assets of the mod myself, I want to thank all the tool- and tutorialmakers that made my life so much easier! This is the first time for me to make 3D models, textures, alter nif files with nifscope, painting weights with outfitstudio or add any content via Skyrim CK. So thanks to all those who either helped make those great tools or provided tutorials for how to use them (because ,oh god, I think I read them all xD)
- Also thank to the guys in the Nexus Discord who cheered me up while I was making this :P Big Thank you to Lola, who made several screenshots that I uploaded here to showcase the armor (The ones that actually look good :D )
- Thats to those who downloaded the preview version and gave feedback :D

Soul Collector Armor CBBE