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Makes the crossbows and bolts craftable regardless of which faction you belong to in the DLC: Dawnguard and some other minor fixes/tweaks
Multiple versions to support your play-style.

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I find the crossbow to be the best addition to the game, however I chose Vampire Lord faction which means that crossbows and bolts are not craftable for me. This is just a collection of tweaks/fixes to address it.

-Multiple versions to suit your play-style
-Crossbows and bolts craftable regardless of which faction you belong to
          -Steel crossbows and all the bolt types
          -Dwarven crossbows and all the bolt types
-Craftable at any forge
-Perk requirements are still in effect (Example: steel smithing required to craft steel crossbow)
-Vanilla recipes intact
-(Optional) Increase amount of bolts crafted
-(Optional) More immersive versions
-Nothing else! Plain and simple~

Should be compatible with most mods.
If not load it further down the load order

Currently there is support available for:
-Ars Metallica

(Load my mod after these)
More to come...

Enhanced versions of the crossbows hide the fact that they ignore 50% armor if you have Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.
This is normal and the enchantment is actually applied.
Not something my mod touches.

Original Mod Link

Goes well with my other mod