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Official Special Edition port of Kozakowy's 1546 Elizabeth Tudor Gown. UNP and CBBE versions available.

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This is the official port of Kozakowy's 1546 Elizabeth Tudor Gown, for female UNP and CBBE bodies. 

Meshes and textures have been optimized for Skyrim SE with Ousnius' SSE Nif Optimizer, and the ESP has been updated in the Skyrim SE Creation Kit. 

To get the gown in-game either:
a) use the console command "help 'tudor' to obtain the ID codes and "player.additem [ID code] [number of copies]"
b) I would highly recommend you use AddItemMenu

You can find the original mod here: Kozakowy's 1546 Elizabeth Tudor Gown UNP CBBE


Q. Does this have physics support/can you add physics?
A. No and no. Kozakowy is the owner and author of these files and I only have permission to port them. As I understand he's continuously working on improvements for his outfits and maybe one day there will be physics.

Q. Why do I have a neck/hand seam?
A. The outfit is designed, with no weight adjustments, for a 0 (zero) body weight. If you wish to eliminate any neck and hand seams reset your weight appropriately.

What follows below is from the original mod page. If you love Kozakowy's work, please stop by, download and endorse the original.


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Big thanks to my current and former Patrons who followed and supported this project all the time :) this is:

ArchMageLilith <3
Alexis Tauterouff
Sebastian Wagner
Polina Kosta <3
Parker Yuan
Harrison New
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Tinaa Slobodnik <3
Rae Emm <3
tiffeny <3

UPDATE 1.3-beta
- CBBE available

1. Description:

Some time ago a part of our Nexus Community voted for this gown to be made in 3d. It's based on a very well-known portrait of Elizabeth Tudor (the future Elizabeth I queen of England) made by William Scrots around 1546. During a brief discussion we all had along this voting, we all agreed that somehow the Tudor style might fit Skyrim quite nicely.

And now for the original image:

Consists of:

- the gown itself (more still to come so stay tuned)

2. Known issues (PLEASE READ BEFORE USING!!! ):

- there's no weightslider compatibility so please turn the weight down to zero to avoid hand and feet seams
- some minor clipping may occur but this rig is the best I can ;) still working on the wrists area
- female only
- a slight neckseam might apear in cbbe - working on it

3. How to get it in game:

- type in console 'help "elizabeth" ' , you will get all needed IDs.
- type in console 'player.additem XXX Y'. XXX means necessary ID, Y means count of items you want.

4. Installation:

- I suggest using MO or NMM you can also extract the package manually.

5. Uninstallation:

- again I suggest using MO or NMM or you can remove the .esp file and mod's folders

6. Terms of use:

- You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites without permission. 
- You have to ask me first if you want to use any part of this mod in your own such as follower mod, mashup mod, etc.
- You have to ask me first if you want to convert the outfit to other bodies.
- You have to ask me first if you want to recolor/retexture the outfit.
- You are not allowed to publicily share any your modification of this mod, private sharing is allowed.
- You are not allowed to convert this outfit to other games.

If you have any questions please ask.

7. Special thanks and credits:

As you can see this gown is presented to you by zzjay's Triss - just go and check her out!
To tinaask24 for being the most active and supporting Patron of all :)
To AlterNative for being a supportive Patron and for doing the wonderful Karlov Manor Mod which is a perfect playground for modders and screenarchers.
To all my "Habsburg" Patrons: ArchMageLilith, Polina Kosta, Larux, Harrison New, Sforza666, Rae Emm, tiffeny, TheDaedricDoll

8. Community thanks:

BlackMaid, Ista3, polingc, lesjones, klaxoid, ShmooZ, Corfus, Misslexi, Roksa, ajhardy, Zerofrost, Nataly1q2w3e4r5t, Beba, gurleygirl, dianka33, DonProtein, antistar, Bison1967, ArchMageLilithianna, Sparrowjuice, ShinglesCat, anaphiel, FastBlackCat, Excellentium, Kayol, Kalilies, Pandorable, RaenielCuthalion, popkorn666, sorca97, Artsick, Dovahkiinathay, serkethetyt, and so on... :)

I'm always grateful for supporting and inspiring me all the time.

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