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Adds a crossbow-based revolver and bolt action rifle to Skyrim.

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0:18 ~ 0:55 Revolver basic animation
0:55 ~ 1:17 Gunkata
1:39 ~ 2:15 Akimbo(Togle skill)
2:25 ~ 2:27 Fanning
2:53 ~ 3:13 Single Revolver basic animation
3:14 ~ 3:40 Finale shot
3:46 ~ 4:20 Hipshot(in-combat activate)
4:28 ~ 5:08 Rifle animation
5:18 ~ 5:51 Bullet showcase

Play Showcase:

Requires DAR and Dawnguard.

Requires SKSE 1.5.97.

This mod is currently only created in third person view. First person play is not supported.

This mod is a mod that implements a revolver and bolt action rifle in Skyrim.

Unlike any staff based pistol mods, this revolver is based on a crossbow. it has clip size and reload mechanism.

because based on a crossbow, it is affected by archery perk and archery-related buffs and debuffs.

The revolver has a faster rate of fire than a crossbow, but it cannot properly damage enemies that are too far away. There is also a penalty of having to reload every 6 shots.

Revolvers have specific skills instead of bash. In the current version, there are Gunkata, Akimbo, Fanning and Finale Shot.

The rifle is quite similar to a conventional crossbow. Unlike a revolver, it has 5 clip sizes. Unlike revolvers, there is no range penalty.

there is a DLL is removes TURNANIMATION from Skyrim. If you install this mod, all TURNANIMATION will disappear.

All weapons can be crafted and temper. Enchantment is only available for single revolver and rifle. Dual revolvers can't be enchanted, because they using script to equip weapons. so, the enchantment is likely not applied.

Manual reloading does not currently have a separate key. If you want Manual reload, Uneqip and Reequip current ammo or equip other ammo. Doing that, play  the reload animation and the clip is initialized.

This mode is being distributed and modified by the community where I am now, so it is difficult to support or translate. please understand.

Revolver skill

Gunkata: Deals damage and knockback to nearby enemies. This Damage is spell-type damage. It consists of a total of 3 combos, and if you hit too fast, the DAR's processing will not be able to follow. 

Fanning: Use the revolver in your left hand to shoot 6 consecutive shots.

Akimbo: When used, a toggle skill is applied to fire two pistols while aiming. The clip size is doubled. If the stamina is below a certain level, forcibly reload and the skill is released.

Finale Shot: A single revolver's skill. With all your strength, you shoot one shot that instantly inflicts 7x archery damage. Enemies nearby fly away.

Hip Shot: A single revolver's skill. When you in combat, If you draw a weapon, it shoots one shot and knocks back to nearby enemies.

The types of bullets currently supported.

357 Magnum: Basic bullet.

44 Magnum: A bullet with increased damage and bullet speed. Unlocked after level 30.

Freezing Bullet: 20 cold damage and slow movement debuff.

Explosive Bullet: 10 fire damage to nearby enemies.

Holy Flame Bullet: 30 damage to undead type enemies.

Animation custom


There are animations in the path above.

Folder 3000 is the default motion of the revolver. Here you can customize the motion of the revolver. You can customize idleheld(idle) and sprintforward and run animations (the walk animation is used for shooting motion, so it cannot be customized).

Folder 3100 is the basic motion of the rifle. Unlike revolvers, you can also customize the walk animation. However, please be aware that it may not suit the existing motion.

The revolver can use the animation of the sword, hammer, axe, and dual wield as it is.

The rifle can use the crossbow animation as it is.

If you want to change the position of the revolver and ammo in the showracemenu, you need to change the position of the dagger. When equipped, the dagger nif's skeleton is used. The rifle follows the normal crossbow position.

Known errors.
1. Exceeding the number of DLLs can cause CTD on certain computers.

2. Many problems can arise in first person. Especially when pulling out or putting in a weapon. Single revolver and rifle doesn't cause this bug.

3. Occasionally, a specific bullet may not fire if a lag is applied to an excessive effect. If you move to another map and reconnect, the bug will disappear.

4. If you use a skill with a hit frame, the revolver may fire or the skill may be activated.

The bullets and ammunition clip used Glenmoril's resources and are licensed by the creator.

The resources used for the revolver and rifle either could not be found, or were not currently active if found. We'll remove the mod if we dispute this issue.