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A quaint house somewhat dunmer-themed southwest of Rorikstead with a small 'farm' and great views. Room for player, spouse, and one follower outside. Can be for anyone dunmer/otherwise but was made more in mind for the Teldryn Serious questmod by Undriel

Permissions and credits
All DLCs needed (hearthfire, dragonborn, dawnguard)

Themed mainly as a 'dunmer couple who moved to Skyrim' type home. 'Larger' than my other ones; maybe on par with Quaint Lodge but only with one follower bed. Southwest of Rorikstead, just head up the hill to the side.
Originally, Quaint Lair was 'slated' to be released, but I started playing the wonderful Teldryn Serious mod by Undriel(Seriously(lol) it's so great!), with their 'A Serious Wedding' as well, and realized that I didn't have a home I felt 'fit' among my mods, and the one I almost considered was actually being used by my character's half-sister already.
And so I started working on this one : p if you're also playing through/have the same Teldryn mod, I suppose just... ignore the journal? (because otherwise it makes no sense, after all in your universe, *you're* the one who married Teldryn)((disclaimer I'm not married or anything so I've no idea if her gushing about him in the journal is realistic or not))

*This mod cannot be used alongside Hedge Mage Armor* /unless/ you use the no camp version, as this home completely alters the same cell.
*also may contain spoilers for Teldryn quest; does mention the armored mudcrab, and hmm... Rorikstead suspicions?

-fully navmeshed for followers
-extra key is on the shelf left of the door as you enter, doesn't respawn
-many various containers for safe storage
-enchanting, alchemy, cooking, and baking oven
-one mannequin
-journal giving a bit more life to the home
-several weapon plaques, a few dagger displays and shield plaques, a couple larger display cases which can be used for staffs
-double bed for you/spouse (need a follower mod of some kind/AFT or MHiYH or something)
-various ingredients and items, some respawning and some not for le immersion
-three bookshelves
-shrines to Mara, Nocturnal, Mephala, Boethiah, and Azura
-idles for followers
-unique wedding wreaths, don't respawn

-key is on the table in the back(pic in images)
-sharpening wheel, workbench, tanning rack, forge, smelter, woodcutting block
-bedroll by the forge for a follower
-chest and knapsack which are safe storage
-flowers, mushrooms, and some 'food' plants in the garden
-pretty scenery
-a goodly amount of idles for followers
-also features TWO dragon landing spots! For, y'know, immersion.

there are no hearthfire planters or beds for kids, no
spidermakingmachine, no staff enchanter, ... hopefully didn't forget anything

Thanks for your interest ^-^ I hope you enjoy it if you decide to download.

some of the mods/textures which I have downloaded that ya can see in screenshots....
majestic mountains
skyrim 3d plants
cathedral landscapes
enhanced vanilla trees I believe
high poly project
skyrim 3d furniture
pretty animated potions
and other lovely mods from talented modders on the nexus :)