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Restores some tracks that are used in LOTD V4 but go unused in LOTD V5.

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I love LOTD V4 and V5's OST, so I wanted to merge the tracks I love from V4 into V5. Conveniently enough, I discovered these tracks ARE in LOTD V5's BSA files, but go unused. With some tracks still having their original music record in the ESM, albeit also being unused. So I re-implemented these tracks back into the mod. The tracks restored are

  • angevin b
  • celtic impulse
  • vindsvept - skymning
  • folk round

These tracks will only play in the Hall of Heroes, Safehouse, and East Exhibit Halls. This is not a replacer OST, only a combination OST. You will still hear V5's OST alongside V4's during your time in the museum.

  • Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.97
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn V5.3

This mod only edits one record from LegacyOfTheDragonborn.esm to implement the unused tracks. There should be no conflicts unless you are using another OST replacer for LOTD.

This mod respects and follows the permissions for Legacy of the Dragonborn stated by icecreamassassin. Permission to upload this mod was given by icecreamassassin. Do not redistribute this mod to any other platform without explicit permission from icecreamassassin. This mod is only an ESP, and uses the music files provided as is in the current LOTD release