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Adjusts existing occlusion planes and adds new occlusion planes to eliminate stuttering when looking around in Hall of Heroes and Safehouse due to rapid draw calls count change.

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1.2 update: The LOTD author said that the newly updated version would possibly solve the stuttering or fps problem and my mod might be redundant, thus I was about to delete my mod. But as I tested the new version, the stuttering still preserves, so I think my edits would still be in effect for a while. The biggest change in this version is that I restored Solitude I deleted outside the Safehouse as I was thinking it's some sort of old concept, while the author remind me that's on purpose for the stained glass window version. They would not affect FPS, so don't worry.
(Actually I think FPS problem and stuttering problem are not the same thing: As long as I stand still in interior, even 10000 draw calls count would not a big problem, I could manage to get 60 fps; but a jumping 4000 to 7000 draw calls count is causing great stuttering. I've tried to disable V-sync as some say this may cause stuttering, but it doesn't work for me)

While I was wandering inside Hall of Heroes and Safehouse,  stuttering would happen when turning around. Opened up the enb panel, I noticed that the draw calls count could rapidly jump to 7000 for a second, and the stuttering occurs. So I opened up the Creation Kit and did some little work around about the occlusion plane. The outcome is pretty satisfying, almost all stuttering are gone (can still experience one), so I'd like to share with you guys who might have the problem. Those who have better rig than me (Mine's i3 9100f + GTX 1650 S) or haven't experience something like this might not need this. ( Won't hurt to try though, maybe you'll need this when tons of stuff exhibited in the late game)

Only one plugin, install with your mod organizer or manually extract the esp to your data folder.
The plugin is esl-flagged so it would not take up your 255 limit.

Latest Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE of course.

Uninstall by your mod organizer or delete the LOTD Stuttering Begone.esp manually.

The mod only edit three five interior cell: Hall of Heroes (and two quest version), Safehouse and East Exhibit Halls (Only two record change for this cell), no exterior changes, and it's even not likely to have conflicts with other mods altering the same cell (I'm using Legacy of The Dragonborn - museum dome sunlight and shadows) as I almost only changed the occlusion plane. But do let me know if there are any problems, I'll try fix.
It's safe to install/uninstall in the middle game, it won't hurt your save file.

Why not roombounds?
I personally more like roombounds and actually tried little bit but finding it's impossible to do so because seems like the interior is not built for this function:
Sharing floors and walls, walls not aligned, alcoving walls...
So sad.