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Adds Dozens new spells to skyrim, which you can create with the right "ingredients"

Permissions and credits
Note: I did not make this mod, I simply converted and cleaned it (with Tesseditcleaner 4.0X), then I tested it for bugs and if everything works as intended by the author (which it does).
IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have tried to contact the original author for his/her permission to publish it here, but it seems the person is no longer active here, if however he\she does contact me, and ask me to remove the file, I will do so!!!! All credits go to raziel23x 

MIDAS FORCE BURST can not be used in your game, it will cause a CTD!!!!

Copied from his original page

I have noticed that with the original MidasSkyrim.esp that there was a ton of errors with certain areas and when i ran boss it sent me to MidasSkyrim_Compatibility_Patch link which although fixed the error with the original MidasSkyrim.esp it introduced many other errors

So I took out the latest Creation Kit and ran the original esp and the MidasSkyrim_Compatibility_Patch and took the MidasSkyrim.esp and completely recreated forum id\'s and recreated each error and deleted the corrupted data parts and recreated new parts.

afterwords I ran the esp through TES5Edit_3_0_31_EXPERIMENTAL-25859-3-0-31EXP and cleaned up the esp a bit and fixed any dirty edits i may of introduced while trouble shooting the esp

If you find any bugs introduced feel free to message me or post comment

if you would like a link to the original plugin which this fixes
Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim by Xilver (no longer present)
here is a link to the original compatability patch which my fixes are based off of is here
Sharlikrans Compatibility Patches by Various (no longer present)
Latest Version Fixed some Mismatched meshes that was pointed to the wrong locations

The official thread can be found here
If you have any issues go to the forum topic here and post request concerns and bugs and I will try my best for fixing them (no longer active)

This mod adds 60+ new and unique spell types. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks and as summonable player house. And I plan to do much more :)

This mod has several goals...

- Extend the Magic system of Skyrim without disturbing the current spell systems
- Maintain the balance of the combat system (WIP)
- Add a completely different way to obtain these spells from the normal system
- Add exciting quests and new worlds that make obtaining these spells fun (WIP)

Several reactors are spread around Skyrim. These are used to combine ingredients to create the Midas Magic Spells.

Reactor Locations:
The Riverwood Trader
The Midden in the College of Winderhold
Hillgrund\'s Tomb

Remember to turn off \"Save on Travel\" when using the Reactor Version.

The Spells

Midas Cure Disease
Midas Conjure Pickaxe
Midas Heat Beam
Midas Bug Swarm
Midas Intense Flames
Midas Steam Spray
Midas Force Push (OP)
Midas Frost Beam
Midas Polymorph Hare
Midas Summon Luggage
Midas Paralysis Rune (OP)
Midas Meteor
Midas Meteor Storm
Midas Healing Beam
Midas Summon Swarm
Midas Nighteye
Midas Entangle
Midas Elemental Bolt
Midas Conjure Dragonling (Animation is Buggy)
Midas Bound Dagger
Midas Absorb Health
Midas Avalanche
Midas Transmute Lockpick
Midas Conjure Wispmother
Midas Infernal Blast
Midas Soul Syphon
Midas Poison Spray
Midas Summon Shade Warrior
Midas Summon Shade Archer
Midas Summon Shade Lich
Midas Force Pull
Midas Gravity Well
Midas Greater Heat Beam
Midas Greater Frost Beam
Midas Greater Holy Ray
Midas Mass Reanimate
Midas Resurrect
Midas Open Lock (5 levels)
Midas Haste
Midas Feather
Midas Imagine Sabercat
Midas Blaze of Magnus (For all those KameHameha requesters)
Midas Poison Cloak
Midas Spider Horde
Midas Force Burst (WILL CAUSE a CTD when used, don't use it!!!!) with thanks to godsvox1013 for extensive testing
Midas Shapeshift Wolf (Cannot attack while in wolf form)
Midas Conjure Spriggan
Midas Summon Starid (Summonable Player House)
Midas Shapeshift Giant (Attacks with 2-handed weapons)
Midas Eldritch Chain
Midas Eldritch Spray
Midas Magma Ball
Midas Force Blast
Midas Force Cloak


Install the mod through Mod Organizer 2 (highly recommended)

Manual: place everything in your data folder (not recommended, do so at your own risk!!)


- The spells aren\'t balanced yet. This is just for testing/fun for now.
- Polymorph Hare may not always work (problem with Guards and targets in combat)
- Dragonling doesn\'t fight yet
- Luggage doesn\'t carry items yet
Note:This seems to be related to the game remembering older versions of the mod and is sporadic.To mitigate this, either start a new game or Save before entering the Riverwood Trader or the Midden.


Version 0.08 Major Release!
- Added a Summonable Dwemer House (plans are to be able to pilot it soon)
- Added 5 other new spells
- Fixed Luggage now carries loot
- Fixed Issue where Shapeshift wolf did not work for vampires
- Various other fixes

Version 0.07b
- Improved Reactor model to address Autosave Crashes

Version 0.07
- Added New Spells
- Added Cheat to get all spellsSpoiler:  Show

- Changed Elemental Bolt to not leave bolts lying around (This may cause issues if your save has old bolts)

Version 0.06ar (Reactor Version)
- Cleaned up Reactor Books
- Warning!: Crashes can occur if Autosave \"Save on Travel\" is active and entering areas with Aurum Reactors

Version 0.06av
- Added new spells
- Text and cost fixes for spells
- Imagine Dragon now has an \"Imaginary\" frost attack and moved to Illusion school
- Increased Force spell effect
- The Reactor version is not ready yet

Version 0.05b(r/v)
- Fixed New Spellbooks not giving correct spells

Version 0.05(r/v)
- Split into a Vendor and a reactor version
- Fixed duplicate FormID on book for Reactor Version
- Crashing may still occur when entering Riverwood Trader or Midden (Save before Entering)

Version 0.05
- Added Aurum Reactors (in the Reactor Version)
- Several New Spells
- Added Fire Attack for Dragonling

Version 0.04
- Fixed Mystic Binding bug on Bound Weapons
- Updated Entangle FX to address potential issues
- Most spells now list spell damage in menu

Version 0.03b
- Fixed dragonling not appearing when caster has Elemental Potency

Version 0.03a
- Fixed Frost Atronach appearing instead of dragonling (Fail!)
- Updated graphic of Elemental Bolt

Version 0.03
- Added another 5 spells
- Fixed Pickaxe bug with new FX

Version 0.02
- Added another 5 spells now also for sale by Enthir at Winterhold

Version 0.01
- Added first 10 spells for sale at Riverwood Trader

More Videos

Version 0.07 Trailer

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